Art exhibition of human memories #CryptoMoments — a project in the original format of Art Full Dive presented by the Moscow artist Ujin (Evgeny) Grinevich hosted at MARS Center for Contemporary Art. Ujin Grinevich is a conceptual artist, member of abstract expressionism movement, works in the rare genre of total installation. His works are in private and public collections in Russia, USA, UK, Cyprus and UAE. Ujin Grinevich creates multi-genre capsule exhibitions in chamber museum spaces.

One of the most awaited cultural events in Moscow, the exhibition was announced by Forbes, Robb Reports, Harper Bazar, and Esquire. Guests of the exhibition had the opportunity to experience a fairy-tale-parable, to get an individual video-prediction, to sit on a throne made of gold trash, but most importantly — to feel the value of the invented currency of the New Time — the happy memories.

“The most important discovery I made preparing the exhibition was the fact that to read children’s books one still needs to be mature enough, it concerns especially The Little Prince, the Bible of the XX century. Quotes from the book thread through the entire exhibition, — said Ujin Grinevich. — Another key topic of the exhibition is the understanding that, in time, happy memories will become our most valuable belongings”.

Two halls of the exhibition present the quintessence of a “green world”, incorporating traditional art forms and digital artistic techniques and spatial installations — from pre-historic mural paintings and 3D panels to landscape architecture and light and sound installations. The exhibition is centered around a video collection of human moments and the Crypt Hall, where the immersive space with sand on the floor, hieroglyphs, and live goldfish allowed to fully experience the world of artistic images with meditative music composed especially for the project.

The artist used paints, oils, and acrylics, to produce the installations he also chose materials whose uncontrolled extraction by humans is destroying the Earth: oil, coal, and foiled gold. The centerpiece of the exhibition is Prometheus — the painting which embodies the whole idea of the exhibition. After all, by accepting fire as a gift from the ancient Greek titan, humans evolved, stopped being animals, and began to progress, but at the same time they began a global disaster of millions of years using the same fire to systematically destroy the green world.

The author turned the roof of the Center, the most atmospheric and romantic location of the museum, into a dreamlike space with a transparent sphere-planet, referring to the allegorical story of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

The exhibition of human memories #CryptoMoments at the MARS Center for Contemporary Art is open to the public until the end of October, 2022. Every Friday, the exhibition includes workshops, performances, and musical concerts.


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