The renowned global travel and lifestyle brand TUMI, celebrates Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr with an exclusive campaign featuring graphics inspired by TUMI’s latest women’s handbag collection, Asra. The illustrated campaign, launched in collaboration with famed regional artist Wissam Shawkat, focuses on a beautiful calligraphic design that maps out a path fading into the horizon of a glittering night sky.

The design takes inspiration from the name of the bag, the Arabic word “asra”, a nocturnal journey, which is integral to the Holy Month, as the movements of the moon and times of dusk and dawn are central to the Islamic world in the observance of fasting. The path itself evokes a sense of this deeply personal, inner journey with the destination seemingly culminating at a spiritual peak, while the colors are inspired by the night sky as well as the colors from the Purple Sunset seasonal colorway. The words on the design, ‘designed for every journey’ take inspiration from TUMI’s slogan while also paying homage to the brand’s offering of products that can accompany you on every kind of journey.

In the calligrapher’s words, “The design is done in a dreamy tale, evoking a sense of the night. The colors used in the Asra collection inspired the colors of sunset in the background, while the path nestled amidst the dunes represents the journey forward.”

The desert is brought to life in the campaign with Asra, as a woman journeys through the landscape, carrying her bag and all her essentials to take her from dusk till dawn. Each piece of the new Asra collection, perfect for day to evening wear, is designed with the modern woman’s needs in mind, embracing a luxe, feminine aesthetic with elevated accents. The bags have a soft structure with pleating on the outside to add visual interest, while functional compartments nod to the exterior design elements.

Asra is available in a range of sizes, as well as a selection of fresh new colorways with a corresponding hardware color – from black with black hardware to Moonlight, a fresh neutral with matte silver hardware, to Cameo Rose with matte rose gold hardware. The vibrant Purple Sunset with iridescent hardware is a limited-edition seasonal launch.

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