Sculptural, ancestral, different from everything. The Trottola collection shows, once more, Vhernier’s vision of contemporary jewellery. The collection is characterized by a strong idea of ​​movement – a recurring motif in Vhernier designs – and by the combination of classic jewellery materials with more unusual ones.

Rose gold is enhanced by the absolute matt black of titanium, an enigmatic and innovative material; the two are modeled by Vhernier’s Master Craftsmen into one single and perfect volume.

Thanks to titanium, very resistant and whose wight is very low, Vhernier has created a bold ring yet extremely light: an unparalleled advantage, which gives allows for a great wearability. The Trottola pendant is a passepartout piece of jewellery with great personality. The combination of materials makes it unmistakably Vhernier.


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