The region’s first bio-dome The Green Planet that recreates the world of a tropical forest with its rich biodiversity of over 3,000 plants and animals. The enclosed ecosystem, located at Dubai’s City Walk, will offer visitors an immersive expedition into the tropics. The building also includes a giant 25-metre tree, which is the largest indoor man-made and life-sustaining tree in the world. Appealing to visitors of all ages, this spot is perfect for a family outing. The bio-dome is made up of four levels: the Canopy, the Midstory, the Forest Floor and the Flooded Rainforest. Each level discusses the role and the importance every part of a rainforest plays.

Aiming to educate guests about the important role the tropical forest plays in the future of our planet, The Green Planet exposes Dubai to another world within its glass dome. Responsibly sourced species include sloths, snakes, spiders and a vast array of birds. The Green Planet wants to give its visitors a uniquely different summer experience, to meet some of nature’s most thrilling and wondrous denizens, thus launching its new Bat Cave Experience. These Fruit bats are an essential part of the rainforest ecosystem and help trees propagate by dispersing seeds far and wide.

The Green Planet is an experience for the senses with creatures roaming and waterfalls running. Individual tickets are available to purchase with separate prices for adults and children, as well as multipass tickets. Bookings for groups of 15 or more are also available.

Dubai City Walk

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