A new beginning, in an act of continuity, as Peter Hawkings takes over the creative helm. A different gaze on the codes upon which the house was founded, born out of respect rather than deference, putting Tom Fordinto a perspective that is rooted in this moment. Seduction and glamour are still pivotal, but immediacy, ease, and an evident effortlessness come forward. The Tom Fordwoman is in control, not afraid to attract attention, comfortable with being under the spotlight, but she does so in a rather uncontrived way.

She knows that getting dressed is as much about getting undressed as it is about having fun with clothes. And being elegant along the way, of course. In this new vision, she gets closer to the values –the irrepressible sleekness, fierce sexiness, and appreciation for beautiful things made well –that have long been associated with the Tom Ford man. Now, they share the faultless tailoring, the decisive sporty leathers, the immediate sense of sophistication, the taste for magnificence. And the ease.

Inspired by Donyale Luna, the Detroit-born black supermodel who gained fame in the 60’s and early 70’sfor her otherworldly looks and for being a muse to Andy Warhol and to Richard Avedon, who photographed her in endless ways, the Tom Ford woman this season is all for the sleek, seductive gesture. She dons faultless suits, precise blazers paired with short shorts, leather mini dresses,long slinky dresses, impeccable blousons, gold tasseled shorts, feathered skirts.

Her wardrobe is a feat of sartorial precision, immaculate sophistication, and louche, exclusive materials: surfaces are luminous, lit with golden threads, lustrous with velvety plushness, swarming with crocodile scales that even land on the heels. She stands tall on extra-slender stilettos, neatly designed bag in hand, oversized sunglasses shielding her gaze. All of it as she favors a dense and dazzling palette of ivory whites, cosmetic pinks, Persian blues, deep cognac browns and black with accents of chartreuse.

What comes forward is a creature that is present and sensual. She owns everything she wears, aware of the fact that clothing is just half of the work: the rest is body and posture. Feline allure echoes the 70s, with an immediacy that is exclusively of the now.

Tom Ford is located at Ground Floor, Fashion Avenue, The Dubai Mall, Financial Centre Road, Downtown Burj Khalifa, Dubai.


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