Launched earlier this year Bô Barbershop is already making waves through the men’s grooming scene in Dubai, presenting a one-stop shop option for ensuring you stay on top of your grooming game. Bô Barbershop is a cosy little spot with 3 chairs, an amazing team of skilled and passionate barbers who are true to the craft, and an in-house barista who turns coffee beans into aromatic magic potions.

We asked the Bô team what they think are the most requested and on-trend hairstyles for modern men. The team recognized three trends – the Medium Skin Fade, the winter-friendly Comb Over Trim and the Taper Fade with a Slick Back. According to the team, clients in Dubai love professionalism and embedding creative twists in their hairstyles. The skilled barbers at Bô Barbershop have identified a few key ‘looks’ amongst clients: The Executives, The Model, The Gym Buff, The Surfer, The Student.

Medium Skin Fade:When your hair is short on the side, and gradually blends into the top of the head. This no-fuss, quick styling haircut is perfect for the man who is on the go. 

Classic Comb Over Haircut:When you can choose the desired length on both sides. With intricate scissor work over a machine, this will allow your hair to move freely to one side, following your growth pattern. This hairstyle is ideal for the everyday executive! 

Taper Fade with a Slick Back: This hairstyle typically requires a little TLC and a Pomade (Bô’s co-founder Oliver recommends the Hair Cream by Pomp & Co.). This style has a freshly blended neckline, with the rest of your hair scissor trimmed to a desired length using thinning shears to give the hair some extra volume. 

The team recommends coming in once a month for a freshen up if your hair is on the longer side, and every two weeks for those with shorter hair. With the friendly vibe and overall welcoming atmosphere that is signature to Bô, we won’t blame you for wanting to go in as much as possible. With interiors inspired by the outdoors, an in-house barista and a team who double as friends, Bô Barbershop ensures its clients stay on trend whilst getting the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation experience.

Your beard deserves the best care by the most experienced team, and all roads for this leads to Bô Barbershop. The no-fuss, traditional barbershop focuses on the basics of grooming and doing it well. Co-founder Oliver Zaitouni introduced the Ultimate Shave Treatment to the UAE back in 2015, bringing a 200-year-old grooming treatment to the region. Indulge in a fuss-free relaxation and rejuvenation experience that includes a pre-shave oil application, a massage, 3 hot and cold towel treatments and old school blade. This treatment is suitable for all skin-types and uses 100% organic products so you know your skin will thank you later.

Having a beard requires love and care, just like your hair! The Bô team recommends to never skimp on beard products, and make an investment when it comes to grooming. The team have also outlined their top beard tips and trends, to ensure your facial hair remains at its best all year-round.


Keep your beard short, this avoids itchiness when wearing a mask and makes it easier to wear too. Your beard needs the same kind of products your hair does too. Wash, condition, comb, moisturize and don’t forget about a beard pomade. Try out Captain Fawcett’s Beer’d Shampoo (and their whole range!) available at Bô Barbershop.

Oliver’s Top Tip: Moisturizer is your best friend. Hydrate and soothe your beard daily with moisturizer and oils to ensure the skin underneath doesn’t suffer from dryness.


The Bô Favourite: Go from zero to a natural fade on the side, and try a #3 on the chin and line up – this may sound technical, but say this to your Bô Barber and thank them later. this is definitely Bô’s most requested beard look, and a definite crowd-pleaser.

The 5 O’Clock Shadow: Classic, timeless and always well-received – this can take you from night to day, from corporate to vacation-mode (and fits perfectly under a mask too).

#CoronaBeard: For the men out there who are truly embracing their wild side and for those who prefer low-maintenance grooming.

Opening Hours:

  • Sunday, Tuesday to Thursday: 10AM – 8PM 
  • Friday & Saturday: 10AM – 7PM 
  • Closed on Monday

Location: The Bay Gate, Al Mustaqbal Street Business Bay. Parking: Complimentary valet parking. Contacts: 058 999 2614 or email:


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