Follow your emotions – they’ll set the tone for this evening dedicated to passion. Nestled in the intimacy of a lounge, with a velvety gaze, playful spirit and jewellery by de Grisogono, sublime and daring, you look magnificent. Are you ready for one-on-one interaction? Whether it’s a game of cards or chance, eyes locked, the attraction is fatal. Two hands brushing, you hide your game and then reveal it. Mischievous, your bluffing keeps you ahead, in no way giving your game away. When you go on the offensive, nobody can withstand your charm. Neither winner nor loser, “The Game of Love” is governed only by the laws of attraction.

When the time comes to lay his last card on the table, the king captures the queen’s heart. An abundance of precious stones, symbolising this lovers’ duel, vibrant and bewitching, as fiery red and intense as rubies. Intermingled with baguette-cut diamonds, three bright-red super-large unheated Mozambique XXL rubies shine in all their glory. Epitomising ultimate sophistication, de Grisogono enchants hearts with its Haute Joaillerie creations. When passion knows no bounds!

A game of attraction that weaves the links that bind us together. Before throwing the dice, through superstition or rite, she instinctively caresses her Allegra sautoir necklace graced with the strands that are the icons of this collection. An infinite symbol with the power of a talisman. With leather and gold strands, she’s all rock ‘n roll tonight; but tomorrow in gold and diamonds, she’ll be playing another game.

Take no risks by wagering on the New Retro watch collection. Elegance, minimalism, ultimate designer chic, all expressed through contemporary, non-conformist lines. Whether its hour/minute version with a resolutely vintage dial or a complication-driven alternative with a skeletonised-tourbillon movement or power reserve – you’re sure to find your heart’s delight.


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