Guerlain and Bernardaud have made the new Orchidée Impériale Black experience a sensory odyssey, from the hand’s firs t contact with the black porcelain to the smoothness of the white cream on the skin, visual beauty to skincare effectiveness.

Orchidée Impériale Black by Guerlain presents a new porcelain case where power meets delicacy. This exceptional cream was worthy of an equally exceptional case that lasts over time without losing its radiance. Porcelain was the obvious choice. Referred to as “white gold”, it is both powerful and delicate like the skincare within. And what better choice to produce the piece than Bernardaud whose French savoir-faire stretches back five generations and more than 150 years?

Founded in 1863, this family house has embodied the essence of Limoges porcelain since its beginnings with a reliance on time – honoured techniques and a unique take on contemporary creation. Its journey has been one of excellence and exploration like that of Guerlain whose truly unique olfactory and cosmetic adventure began in 1828. I n their different fields, Guerlain and Bernardaud have bot h been constant pioneer s in an insatiable quest for beauty. This collaboration was a natural coming together.

Together, they have created a refillable pot with a timeless design – an object where content and container merge beautifully in a feat of craftsmanship. More than 50 talented artisans are involved in the process, from the creation of the mould through to quality control. Nestled like a jewel in its box, this new porcelain case p resents a glossy black enamel finish topped with 24-carat gold.

The lid bears the Guerlain “G” and reveals a white interior in bisque porcelain. White beneath black, light beneath darkness, porous delicacy beneath a lacquered shell. With a refillable design, this luxury Guerlain pot is built to last.


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