A hero collection, a manifesto embodying Guerlain’s House values. Beautiful fragrances made altogether more precious by their closeness to nature and its wonders. Now joining Guerlain’s emblematic Aqua Allegoria collection are Nerolia Vetiver Harvest, Rosa Rossa Harvest and Mandarine Basilic Harvest.

All dazzling allegories of Nature that celebrate nature’s gifts while also showcasing and enhancing the scents of its natural-origin raw materials. More luminous, bright and evocative than before, these creations are designed for rediscovery.

Aqua Allegoria Rosa Rossa Harvest

Nature has inspired the Guerlain House since day one. In 1999, Guerlain took inspiration from nature when creating its innovative Aqua Allegoria collection with its simple, yet beautifully refined set of olfactory codes. Avant-garde and ambitious for its time, the line continues to celebrate nature in all its glorious, diverse colour and freedom. Today, its elegantly joyful fragrances are woven from ingredients of natural origin, selected by Guerlain’s perfumer-explorers from gardens across the world. The wonder of nature bottled…

Aqua Allegoria Nerolia Vetiver Harvest

An evocation of pure happiness… In 2022, the House integrated the iconic collection into its commitment to the planet and biodiversity. After all, which collection could express Guerlain’s love for nature and share the House’s values across all four corners of the world any better? A true hero collection, today Aqua Allegoria sits at the forefront of Guerlain’s innovative approach to sustainability. Completely eco-redesigned, the emblematic Bee Bottle is now made from 15% recycled glass and is entirely manufactured in France. Similarly, the fragrances have been rigorously reworked to feature ingredients of up to 95% natural origin and formulations made with organically grown beetroot alcohol. Emblematic of the House’s commitment, Aqua Allegoria is now promoted with an exceptional new campaign by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, filled with sublimely beautiful images produced with a minimal carbon footprint.

Aqua Allegoria Mandarine Basilic Harvest

Rich in colour, infinite in its variety, discover biodiversity showcased in all its splendour… To coincide with the launch of the new Aqua Allegoria collection, Guerlain whisks viewers away on a fabulous journey around the planet on the wings of a bee. With this campaign by friend of the Guerlain House, Yann Arthus-Bertrand, embark on a beautiful escape, taking in the gardens of the world from above and embracing the overwhelming beauty of the world from the sky.

Photographer, filmmaker, activist, founder of the GoodPlanet foundation and author of The Earth from the Air, Yann ArthusBertrand shares one of Guerlain’s fundamental convictions: That celebrating Nature is essential. Because it is by revealing Nature’s beauty that we can inspire people’s desire to preserve it.

To limit the film’s carbon footprint, iconic images from The Earth from the Air feature alongside a range of newer ones. For these never-before-published images, the production crew took a local approach to the shoot by remaining in France, presenting nature in its natural state and only using or representing locally sourced, in-season flowers according to the slow flower movement that respects the rhythm of the seasons.


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