The best superyacht toys let you relax, play, and explore a destination. You could be sipping a cocktail on an inflatable island one minute, and the next, you’re deep diving in a submarine. The toys make all the difference. Based on multiyear experience in superyacht sales and charter, Denison Yachting is delighted to share the list of the 10 coolest toys to add to a superyacht.

Denison has long been a leader in the yachting industry with a rich family history dating back to 1948, and the start of Broward Marine in Fort Lauderdale. Today, the company provides complete yachting services worldwide, including superyacht sales, yacht charter, crew placement, and new construction. Denison operates out of 20 waterfront offices in the United States with a team of 90+ licensed and bonded yacht brokers. Decades of experience provide a long-term perspective within the industry and a passion for yachting.

RoboSea Robo-Shark

This Robo-Shark is an underwater drone that looks and moves like a shark. It comes with automatic obstacle avoidance and a multi-joint caudal fin that reduces water noise. The Robo-Shark is perfect for professional or aspiring photographers as it can be fitted with nearly any camera, communication, or sensor rig. Why does it look like a shark? So it can get close to marine life and snag the best footage.

Whether you’re into sailing, surfing, snorkeling, relaxing, or being a kid, superyacht toys are improving each year. Make sure your boat is loaded with the best selection for private or commercial yacht charter. Contact a Denison yacht broker to upgrade your yacht, boat, or charter experience.

AquaBanas Pop3 Pool Resort

The Pop3 Pool Resort is the best way to enjoy the water in comfort and style. While it looks like a 4 day mission to inflate, you can customize the island and add different elements.

You can add king lounges, decks, docks, swim platforms, party banas, or a pool. AquaBanas can even add your yacht’s branding and colors.

Red Shark Water Bike

Not every yacht has a gym, and you don’t need one if you have a Red Shark bike. When you’re anchored off the coast of Mallorca and want to explore around the cliffs and archipelagos, this water bike will get you there.


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And boy, is it a great workout! This water bike is an inflatable, portable, eco-friendly toy for fitness or adventure. It’s also convenient to store on your yacht.

FunAir Climbing Wall

Fitness can be fun. Especially when you’re scaling the port side of a yacht on an inflatable rock climbing wall.

This FunAir Climbing Wall is great for guests of all ages. It features handholds, climbing ropes, and courses to suit differing abilities. It’s easy for crew to inflate with a RapidFlate system. Race you to the top.

WASZP Foil Racing Boat

If you’ve always wanted to race like you’re in America’s Cup, then you’ll want to add a WASZP foil racing boat to your superyacht. The foil design creates a fast, stable platform with good performance.


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The foils are not sharp and provide the safest experience for those learning to foil for the first time. There are enough controls to keep the sailing entertaining for the experienced sailor.

Seabob F5 SR

Seabobs are known and loved as a favorite superyacht toy. But the Seabob F5 SR is a game-changer. It has a 10% performance boost increasing the underwater speed to 12 mph and the surface speed to 14 mph.

The Seabob F5 SR also comes with 2 cameras – one facing outward to capture the underwater world, the other is an action selfie cam (because who doesn’t love those bubbly underwater smiles?). You can upgrade this Seabob with your favorite colors or branding for the icing on the cake.

Tandem Jetovator

You know those water jetpacks that were super popular in 2018? How much more fun would they be if you could fly with two people? The Tandem Jetovator makes that possible. It’s a superyacht toy that looks like a motorbike without wheels.

It’s propelled by a hose and can be controlled from the front or rear seat. It’s a great toy for beginners who want to fly safely with an instructor. This toy is perfect for a Caribbean yacht charter onboard EXCELLENCE.

FunAir Big Air Blob

Despite an incredibly awesome name, Big Air Blob is also a super cool toy that guests will enjoy on your yacht. It’s purposely engineered for superyachts, with side stabilising outriggers to handle ocean waves and a fitted cradle to keep the blob safely positioned away from the hull.

Jump from the top of the yacht, onto the blob, to launch the person flying into the air for the ultimate thrill.


Alright, alright, there are plenty of different versions of an electric hydrofoil surfboard, but the LIFT eFoil has the best reviews. It’s fast, light, and durable with an improved battery for ride times of 120 minutes at 30 miles per hour.


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It looks more intimidating than it is – seriously, it’s a toy for beginners and pros. The new models have four available size options, with new shapes for better maneuverability, plus nine advanced hydrofoil wing options. Surf’s up.

Triton 660/2

It’s tough to compete with a luxury two-seater submarine that can reach depths of 660 feet. Triton 660/2 is built to explore the world’s most remote destinations, like Antarctica or Australia.

With this submarine you can dive far enough underwater to see photo-luminescent creatures, rare invertebrates, and large pelagic mammals. And by pelagic mammals we mean diving alongside penguins as they leap from icebergs in Antarctica.

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