Test your TEPfactor

In the city that has it all, from luxury hotels and vibrant lifestyle destinations, to shopping malls of record-breaking proportion and extreme sports of every variety, it takes something truly unique to stand out from the crowd. JBR The Walk is set to welcome just that, with the arrival of TEPfactor, an all-encompassing adventure experience unlike anything that the city has seen before.

Located at JBR, TEPfactor offers an adrenaline-pumping ambience from the moment you enter the venue. The challenges take place amidst the nooks and crannies of a concealed cave, whose walls are adorned with the occasional burst of crystal-like segments, reminiscent of rare amethyst and quartz geodes. Teams of between two and six people will tackle 21 challenges, consisting of four distinctive varieties, that aim to put their physical, mental, team-working and cooperation skills to the test.

Every challenge has its own individual time limit, inspiring players to race against the clock, with each group taking part in mind-bending puzzles, balancing acts, tasks requiring patience, heroic feats and team challenges, in order to progress from one task to the next. After completing four challenges in each category, teams will have to use their mental prowess to put together clues from the previously completed challenges, to gain access to a fifth task.

15 teams can take on the challenges at any given time, with a unique system of checking into and out of the various areas, with staff at hand to assist when needed. Challengers can take on the arena in three different ranks of difficulty – bronze, silver and gold – with bronze being the easiest, to gold presenting the most extreme level. Players are guaranteed to build their team working capabilities and have a great time putting their skills to test, as they can spend as much or as little time as is needed to complete the challenges. In addition a memorable experience, the TEPfactor shop will provide challengers with solid proof that they have ‘The TEPfactor’.

Marwan Shazali, Founder and CEO of TEPfactor, says: “We are excited to introduce the city to such a unique concept and to bring TEPfactor to life in Dubai. This is exactly what people need to boost their energy levels, put their skills to the test and engage with a variety of activities, all in the same venue. We know that Dubai has a large number of entertainment options, some which involve physical elements and some involving mental elements, but it is our firm belief that TEPfactor is like no other.  We will take things to the next level and give people the chance to come together, stimulate their mind and body, and have a great time doing something different.”

The team building aspects of TEPfactor provide the ideal adrenaline pumping experience for corporate or school days. Far removed from stuffy boardrooms, a corporate trip to TEPfactor will see colleagues taking to the tunnels of the cave, challenging each other and themselves all while having a good laugh, that will boost morale and team working capabilities. Furthermore, the unique tests of various skills create the perfect hands on learning environment for students, as the trials call for the combined use of logic and intellect. The entire venue can be booked for such occasions, with catering options also available, making for a memorable day unlike any other.  

Note: Prior to beginning the TEPfactor challenge, the helpful staff will ensure that challengers are dressed appropriately, followed by a brief explanation of the trials to be faced.  Comfortable active wear and sneakers/trainers are advised.

Where: The Walk, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Ages: 8+ (children aged 8 to 12 will require an adult on their team)


  • Weekdays (Sun-Wed): 10 am – 12 am
  • Weekends (Thurs-Sat): 10 am – 1 am


  • Weekdays (Sun-Wed): 80AED per hr/per person
  • Weekends (Thurs-Sat): 100AED per hr/per person

Phone: 04 398 8438 or 055 402 3664

Email: info@tepfactor.ae


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