On the horizon, another Terre. Vetiver, inherent to Terre since its origins, is the culmination of this new composition. The initial woody and mineral balance of Terre becomes woody and vegetal. In its new composition, the heady vetiver reveals another Terre, whose initial mineral and woody base becomes woody and vegetal.

The strength of vetiver mixed with the vitality of the Sichuan pepper and green bergamot. The perfumer who succeeded Jean-Claude Ellena as in-house perfumer at Hermes, Christine Nagel has spent some time showing she is confident enough to invite those comparisons. Terre D’Hermes was groundbreaking in 2006 because M. Ellena relied on one synthetic ingredient, Iso E-Super, in overdose. The formula was 55% Iso E Super. Because of the size of the molecule there are people who can’t smell it. For those people if you ask them what they do smell they will say vetiver. That’s because in the non-Iso E-Super 45% Terre D’Hermes is a grapefruit and vetiver prominent fragrance.

Retail price in the UAE:

  • 15ml. – AED 121
  • 50ml. – AED 386
  • 100ml. – AED 521


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