Hummingbird Early Learning Centre is a renowned institution in the UAE that has been at the forefront of early years education and development for the past 14 years. LifeReport speakes to Tanja Spasojevic, Hummingbird’s General Manager.

Tell us about Hummingbird and its role in the early year education in the UAE?

Our centre boasts a team of highly qualified and experienced childcare professionals who are deeply committed to providing an exceptional level of care and education to our youngest learners. At Hummingbird, we prioritize creating a nurturing and secure environment, akin to a home away from home, that promotes and reinforces core family values. Our approach aligns with the principles and core values, highlighting our unwavering dedication to the ‘every child matters’ philosophy.

What are some of the things that children can learn and be a part of at Hummingbird?

Hummingbird offers a plethora of opportunities for children to learn, engage, and become an integral part of our educational community. We encourage children to explore, play, discover, and develop a comprehensive understanding of the world around them within a caring, secure, and stimulating environment. Our curriculum is designed to foster independence, problem-solving abilities, and social skills, empowering our students to build their self-esteem and form positive relationships with their peers and adults. Moreover, we place great emphasis on cultivating our children’s interests, abilities, and cultural heritage in a positive and enriching manner.

How is Hummingbird looking to expand?

With a strong foundation in two Emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Hummingbird is poised for expansion. In February 2023, we proudly inaugurated a new branch in Dubai Airport Free Zone, enabling us to extend our services to another community. This endeavour demonstrates our unwavering commitment to providing high-quality early years education. Looking ahead, our vision for the next two years involves the establishment of an additional five branches across the UAE, thereby reaching and positively impacting even more families and children.

What are the goals for the nursery in the coming quarter?

As we progress into the coming quarter, our nursery has set specific goals aimed at continual improvement and the provision of a top-notch education for our existing students. Through meticulously structured plans and programs, we aim to meet and exceed the unique needs of each child while nurturing their imaginations and fostering critical thinking skills. Furthermore, our focus lies in expanding our student body and welcoming new families to experience the highest standards in teaching, care, and the delivery of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum.


What are some summer activities offered by Hummingbird?

In line with our commitment to providing a well-rounded educational experience, Hummingbird offers an array of engaging summer activities for our young learners. Our summer camp program encompasses a diverse range of stimulating activities, including:

  • Hummingbird Mini Stars Program: This program includes drama classes, performances, singing, instrument playing, and dancing, allowing children to explore their creative and expressive sides.
  • Art Club: Within this club, children engage in various artistic endeavours, such as sculpture making, painting, and messy play, fostering their imagination and artistic abilities.
  • Mini Travelers: As part of this activity, children embark on a virtual journey around the world, creating their own passports and exploring different cultures, landmarks, and customs, thus broadening their global awareness.

These summer activities are designed to provide a stimulating and enjoyable experience for our young learners, promoting their holistic development while ensuring a fun-filled summer break.


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