Dubai’s Japanese Restaurant TakaHisa is the perfect place to have an unforgettable premium authentic Japanese cuisine. If you are looking for a real taste of Japan, the home-grown TakaHisa restaurant is a perfect option. TakaHisa is an authentic and best Japanese restaurant in Dubai that offers high-quality Japanese cuisine that ranks among the excellent restaurant in Dubai.

What really sets TakaHisa apart is its masterclass Omakase counter, where diners can witness up close exactly how chefs transform cuts of meat into delicious parcels of goodness. Courses go from Dhs1,200 to Dhs1,800 come dinner time, so that gives you a feel for the calibre of plates being dished up.

Interior decor is perfectly done to ensure proper relaxation for people coming to this restaurant. Exterior views in this restaurant are also very relaxing, and it will take you away from all your chaotic life worries and make you forget about everything else. Experience in this restaurant is world-class and very warm. All the staff are very much humble and helps you in every way possible to select the best dish according to your taste.

Master chefs at the Sushi and Kobe beef counters offer a special Omakase course that gives you the best Japanese culinary masterpiece in the Middle East with premium seafood coming straight from the Toyosu Market and “A5 Kobe beef, which is the highest-grade wagyu brand in the world. An Omakase Japanese restaurant, where Omakase, a Japanese phrase means ‘I leave it up to you.’ It includes chef’s bespoke dining experience comprising of the chef’s finest and often seasonal ingredients that are exclusively selected for each guest.

Restaurant’s commitment to highest quality of ingredients starts with the iconic “Toyosu fish market”, formally known as the Tsukiji wholesale market, which is the biggest fish market in the world providing the best of the best. With an always “freshly prepared” food motto at TakaHisa, an in-house general trading license allows us to directly import the best fish and seafood ingredients to Dubai 3 to 4 times a week, that empowers us to always create inspirational dishes.

The Sushi Master Chef Takashi Namekata

Chef Takashi was a member of Tokyo Ukai Group that had been chosen for Michelin Guide Tokyo for 7 consecutive years. Further developing and enhancing his traditional Japanese culinary skills, in 2015 he joined “TOMO” as an Executive Chef in Dubai. As a Sushi Master, he carefully selects fish of the finest quality in Toyosu Market and offers authentic Sushi.

As for the second attraction of TakaHisa exceptional fine dining experience, the “Japanese Kobe Beef”, the most exquisite beef in the world, we keep our promise of highest quality. The Japanese Wagyu beef grading which is from 1 to 5 and quality score of between 1 to 12, has proven to be the best meat in the world, at TakaHisa they committed to the best quality available, and always providing a very rare to find A5 grade of BMS 12 wagyu beef acquired from the best provider in Japan, making us one of the handful fine dining restaurants in Dubai to do so.

The Wagyu Master Chef Hisao Ueda

Chef Hisao was born and grew up in Hokkaido, Japan, a place famous for its rich seafood, produce, and meat. His career started at a Japanese Kaiseki restaurant in Hokkaido where he honed his technical skills for about seven years before moving to Dubai in 2011. After serving as a Head Chef at some of the award-winning authentic Japanese restaurants, he opened Kohantei Japanese Wagyu beef restaurant in 2017 as an Executive Chef.

TakaHisa is a combination of the names of both the executive chef, named Hisao Ueda (Wagyu Master Chef) and Takashi Namekata (Sushi Master Chef). For most people worldwide, Japanese food culture is a mystery for them. Chefs cooking traditional Japanese cuisines get training for years to achieve perfection. The presentation and etiquette of various dishes are unique in their way. Both executive chefs have over 15 years of experience and are considered the best chefs globally.

Talk about authentic service their special menu is required to book in advance, where their finest Master Chefs offer a unique Omakase course. Trust me; this is the best Japanese culinary masterpiece in the Middle East.

Location: Palace Tower, Caesars Palace Dubai. Open Today: 10:00am – 0:00 pm. Contacts: 04 556 6688, WhatsApp 050 469 8888, email:



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