With the huge number of skincare products especially designed for women, men sometimes are forgotten in the conversation of skin care. In honour of Movember and men’s health, Sesderma highlights their efforts towards Men’s skincare and men’s health in general. In fact, Sesderma has more than 400 references and formulas, including Sesderma Men, an exclusive line for men. Each product is aimed at tackling a specific need and is designed to consider the different skin needs.

Cosmetics are becoming increasingly popular among men and have even gained a place in their daily routine. Men have also started looking for specific shampoos, either to prevent hair for hair texture. There are also those who look for after-shave creams, styling gels and other multifunctional products. Faced with this reality, the cosmetics industry is stepping up and developing customized products to meet the specific needs of men of all ages, for different skin and hair types.

Sesderma’s founder and renown dermatologist Dr. Gabriel Serrano explains the following:  as has been explained in numerous studies – men’s skin is different from women’s skin. This is particularly true in three respects:

Dr. Gabriel Serrano

  • It is 20-25% thicker, due to the action of testosterone, the main male hormone. The thickness of the skin in both genders decreases with age, but in a more pronounced way in women after menopause.
  • It is oilier, as it has a greater number of sebaceous glands, and their secretion is much more abundant than in women’s skin. Because of this, men’s skin is usually better hydrated, but they are more prone to acne and suffer from it for longer.
  • It has more collagen and elastin, which means that the signs of aging take a little longer to appear in men than in women. However, when wrinkles and flaccidity arrive in men, they often do so abruptly and markedly.

The wisest thing to do is to adopt healthy habits. For example, Sesderma are making great advances in nutricosmetics; we know that certain nutrients influence not only the appearance of the skin, but also its health, so good protection from the inside is essential. The skin needs many types of active ingredients, and the most complete routine is one that allows you to introduce different types of ingredients both in the mornings and evenings.

Sesderma invites men to visit the clinic this month for a check-up of their skin condition, and expert opinion on the best way forward.


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