Capture Trilogy – new usinsex collection by Akillis. Exploring a different facet of romance, altogether powerful and simple, the Capture Trilogy symbolizes the three stages of love: seduction, passion and commitment. In the footsteps of the Capture collections, Trilogy uses the triangular shape as the cornerstone of an atypical aesthetic: wolf’s trap or all-consuming passion, all are free to interpret their own story.

As if to trap a willing partner, the brand’s iconic whetted teeth moves over usual norms, calling up love in an unusual form. This shifting symbol of seduction embodies the love battle to better capture, tame and hold on to desire.

Four new creations seal an oath of ardent love: a pendant, a ring, a bracelet and an earring, all exploring the three shades of gold. Each model offers glimpses of the skin for a compelling counterpoint with the gleaming metal. Suggestive variations on love games, as a gift for your partner or a self-indulgent treat. This singular yet universal collection is intended for women and men alike, interweaving the past, present and future of a shared life journey.


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