The dark, moody film – inspired by the genre of Italian mystery thrillers known as giallo – follows model Aylah Mae Peterson screaming hysterically through the woods as she heads towards the only form of shelter; an ominous grand estate lit in a red, hazy, velvety light. As she reaches the doors of what she believes to be her safe house, the film cuts to the enigmatic priestess, Oscar nominee, Charlotte Rampling, as she prepares to take the stage. Admiring her beauty in the familiar red light, her flowing floral gown trimmed with feathers around her neck and wrists reminds us of the grandeur and high-fashion that has been absent as of recent.

Rampling is spotlighted in the warmest yellow light as she stands on stage in a sea of leaves raising her arms high in an embrace to welcome her praise. She is phantasm at its best, and as we sit here on the verge of 2021, our minds are no longer dwelling on what was yesterday, but rather looking forward to the beauty and mystique of all that is ahead. Who wouldn’t feel the love?

A world bathed by a red, hazy, velvety light, reminiscent of the glory years of giallo. A familiar and time-less feeling. Dreaminess and tension, decadence and danger. The unsettling strangeness of those girls gravitating around Charlotte Rampling, the mysterious and haunted priestess. Between terror and pleasure, the notes of Donna Summer’s «I Feel Love» revisited by SebastiAn.

After the success of «Lux Aeterna» at the Cannes film festival in 2019, Anthony Vaccarello asked Gaspar Noe to interpret his Summer 21 Collection. Giving life to a neo « Belle de Jour » in an at-mosphere reminiscent of the first Saint Laurent Rive Gauche boutiques of the Sixties.

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