Roobaru, a new freestyle Indian Restaurant and Chai room will open its doors this October 2021. Roobaru will be an unpretentious hangout inspired by the coolest neighborhoods in India, reviving traditional Indian cooking and lost family recipes with youthful vigor.

Bringing the exciting menu to life is Chef Gaurav Yadav. Gaurav is ready to break out onto Dubai’s Indian food scene, having gained years of experience at with long stints at the award-winning and eternally popular Bombay Canteen and later under the guidance of Chef Manish Mehrotra in Delhi at another award-winning restaurant Comorin. Chef Gaurav, a world class Chef has created a simple yet elevated menu with a sweet, zesty tumble of dishes, contrasting textures and a whole arsenal of comforting flavors.

Kick off your experience with some ‘Chat Over Chaats’, try the Indie Tapas and move on to the spicy curries, and the naan-negotiable desserts. The new location will be a gimmick-free, frabjous dining hall with a grab-and-go section – where old meets new and conversations strike up over small plates and a good grill. The restaurant’s freestyle approach has a young, homegrown ethos, adapted to the palette of the local patrons. Roobaru will also feature a dedicated Chai Bar and a signature firepit grill.


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Fit for the title of “your new local”, Roobaru aims to deliver hearty, wholesome food with a creative, regional flair. Stand-out dishes include the Manga Ceviche, an eclectic take on the traditional mango curry from Kerala, adapted into a fresh ceviche. The Sharjah Sambusa Chaat, a fried samosa paired with Chips Oman is a nod to the UAE of old. And there are amazing versions of the favourite curries, like The Smoked Chicken Tikka, to be had with the utterly delicious Truffle Kulcha. If you’re into the sweeter side of life, indulge in bespoke homemade soft serve with ever changing mash up of flavors.

Location: Ground Floor, DT1 Residential Towers, Downtown Dubai. Contacts: 


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