Prepare to embark on a journey of audacity, elegance, and timeless femininity as we unveil the latest gems from the House of Repossi. In a world where every piece of jewellery tells a story, Repossi is proud to introduce  the Sage-Green Chromatic Ring and the captivating Berbère Bracelet – two remarkable additions that redefine the boundaries of contemporary elegance.
Inspired by modern and contemporary art, the Berbère collection is a celebration of minimalist gold line repetition, paying homage to the works of minimalist artist Donald Judd. These creations result in timeless, delicate, and graphic jewellery pieces that enhance the shape of the body and make a statement that transcends trends.
The Sage-Green Chromatic Ring: A Splash of Audacious Beauty
Imagine a ring that speaks volumes with its sage-green hue – a color that embodies audacity and trendsetting style. The Sage-Green Chromatic Ring is the embodiment of daring elegance, a perfect blend of the contemporary and the timeless. It not only adds character to any ensemble but also reinforces the allure of Repossi’s Chromatic collection. Get ready to make a statement that is as bold as it is beautiful.
Berbère Bracelet: A Tribute to Signature Elegance
For a decade, Repossi has enchanted the world with its signature Berbère collection, known for its minimalist lines and timeless appeal. The renowned brand has now completed the collection with the introduction of the Berbère Bracelet. This bracelet is a decomposed reinterpretation of the iconic Berbère ring, showcasing every key element that makes it unforgettable: the plain gold circle, the line of dazzling diamonds, and the signature bar. What makes it truly exceptional is the unexpected double-chain, adding character to this unconventional yet easy-to-wear masterpiece.

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