World-renowned for the finest gourmet dates, Bateel offers the perfect gifting choice for the Holy month with a bespoke Ramadan collection. Featuring traditional mosaic patterns, Bateel’s premium selection of wooden chests and contemporary carton gift sets exude elegance and sophistication. Taking inspiration from Arabian heritage, the vibrant colours and traditional motifs of each collection is sure to impress during the momentous season.

The exquisite artisan collection and luxury packaging is filled with an assortment of Bateel’s finest gourmet dates and fillings. Offering an inimitable taste and flavour profile, dates are the perfect token of appreciation to impress friends and family with. Packed with essential vitamins and nutrients, dates are internationally acclaimed for their health benefits as a superfood. Break your fast with over 20 varieties of sustainably farmed, organic Bateel dates.

Each gift bearing the Bateel name is a reflection of impeccable taste. Designed as a treasured piece of art, the Mirage Collection is handcrafted with intricate detail by Peruvian artists. A vibrant display, the Flora Collection offers mesmerising colour contrasts that are elegantly accompanied by a sleek glass-finish. Adorned with gold and blue arabesque motifs, the Safi Collection is beautifully emblazoned with an Arabic greeting in gold calligraphy. For a truly unique Ramadan gift idea, delight with a beautiful display of Ramadan Trays and Etagérès layered with premium dates. Create lasting impressions this season with Bateel’s luxurious Ramadan gift sets and bespoke personalisation options.

The Bateel boutique offers a distinctly different experience. Renowned for inventing and cultivating the world’s only gourmet dates, today it is the ultimate indulgence and gifting destination. From authentic dates and exquisite chocolates, pralines and truffles, to other exclusive fine food products, it is an invitation to experience the exceptional.

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