The infusion is not a distillation, but rather a reconstruction of the essence of Mandarin and essence of Orange, a formula made to simulate the complex emotion inspired by that scooped slice of the first fresh mandarin of the season. As fruits go, the citrus is coy: veined vulnerability beneath a bright, shiny rind. Mandarine is similarly complex. At the heart of the fragrance, absolute of Orange Blossom meets Neroli Essence, contrasted with sultry notes of warm Opoponax. It’s the familiar fragrance of Mandarin, structured to imply its own rarity in the Western world: relenting, yet reserved.

Les Infusions de Prada collection is represented by the institutional codes of Prada. The vintage flacons are adorned with the classic Prada heritage crest, inspired by patriarch Mario Prada’s original 1913 insignia. In a contemporary twist, a colored surface has been layered into the base of each bottle tinting the glass and liquid. Mandarine is set apart by an orange shade, both on its outer packaging and cap.


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