Excelsior Park & Perpétuel Come Together to Reveal a Sensational Creation: The Soda Fountain Edition. This piece captivates all paths of freedom and modernity that have been built through the decades. Reminiscing the 50’s era where the watch industry demonstrated that if you can choose how to dress a timepiece – you can choose how to conquer new horizons.

What this piece offers with its bright soda fountain tone and vintage inspired dial, is to allow us to be ourselves on purpose. This edition invites you to wear loud such a unique and joyful color while keeping the elegance, which is our feature that never fades away. The Soda Fountain Edition is a tribute to the brand’s glory days in the 1950s and limited to 50 pieces only.

Perpétuel is a unique destination for collectors where buying an object is not a transaction but an experience. With access to an immense global network of artisans and experts, we are able to source exceptional vintage collectables but also create limited-edition pieces. Our collection is carefully curated to offer individuals access to otherwise unobtainable collectables that cater to a wide range of tastes and budgets.


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