Somewhere in the rolling hills of the English countryside, the sun is gently rising over a country mansion, a team of dedicated house butlers are preparing the family’s breakfast… Might I be permitted to introduce you to the Penhaligon’s Portraits Family?

Heartless Helen

Helen meant everything to herself. A woman clear about her own intentions, a woman sometimes of her own invention, because winning isn’t everything until you lose. I was born to dominate your sex – and be the heroine of my own. Romance is of course for The Romantics and we all know how they end up. Conquests however make you a conquistador. And who doesn’t adore a conquistadora. And Helen loved to be adored. She has now met Teddy on a safari. A man after her own heart. Could he be a man after her? This time she intends to live.

Her fragrance

A confidently alluring mystique of a potion. Some would call it a trap. Enchanting, spellbinding, (Helen herself was quite a temptation.) And her perfume the most intriguing and sensual sensation. With an opulent flourish of tuberose her spellbinding nature found a new dimension. One that sparkled for sure, with pink peppercorn to open the conversation,and mandarin that added a little more delicious juicy vitality into the equation. With jasmine she became ever more wide-eyed, sweet, captivating,(nobody at this stage could ever guess) Almost innocent if you weren’t on your guard… but the innocence was only there to better hide her power. Hooked? You will be. And once within her magic, caught in a sillage of beguiling luxuriance, (creamy woods and cashmeran) those under its spell are blissfully unaware. Addiction, it’s a curse.

Terrible Teddy

Hunters understand all about the thrill of the chase. And love is a prize to win with aplomb. Like all true professionals Teddy has a sharp eye, a keen wit and a detached attitude. But Helen, damn her, seems to understand this only too well… Could Teddy at last have met his match? He meets Helen (of course) on Safari. An expert at indifference. Intriguing. At last, a challenge worth the game. If I can have her I don’t want her, and if I can’t have her, well let’s see….

His fragrance

A fragrance for a smooth operator, who is also dangerous and piquante. Both extrovert and introvert simultaneously you are quickly enticed into intimacy, – simply enchanting – but he is also never quite what he seems. A perfume that is round, warm and reassuring – and at the same time has a rather beguiling bite. Contradictions that only enhance the addiction.

The dark mystery of incense is made luminous with a burst of pink peppercorns that is fresh. The deeply sensual leather and the softness of rare cedar and ambrosian, is invigorated with the caustic vibrancy of vetiver and patchouli. This disconcerting balance of “stay” and “go”, this unusual marriage of hot and cold, is wrapped in an infuriatingly moreish layer of musk. (Teddy always wears cashmere, don’t you know.)

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