Craftsmanship and Fatto a Mano are the keys to interpreting the new “Patchwork di Sicilia” Collection dedicated to the Italian island, where atmospheres, colors, cultures and dreams come together. The Dolce and Gabbana duo also referenced their own history, looking back at one of their collections from 1993, which was in turn inspired by the Seventies. The bohemian spirit of that era has here been given a modern spin and high-octane sex appeal – maxi dresses, tunic tops and flowing caftans alternating with bombshell dresses in hourglass silhouettes, miniskirts and razor-sharp tailoring.

It was titled ‘Patchwork of Sicily’ because Domenico Dolce (who is from Sicily) and Stefano Gabbana decided to pay tribute to the multicultural history of their favourite island by patchworking single garments from elements belonging to each cultural influence, from the Spaniards to the Arabs and the Normans. “We realised that in ’93 we had already done this type of work, taking inspiration from a completely different world, which was the ‘70s,” Gabbana said in a video message. “So, we went into the archive and we recreated the same jacket, the same vest, the same skirt, the same shirt, the same trouser,” he explained, albeit in more contemporary cuts.

Sicily, the island that has always been the source of inspiration for Dolce&Gabbana, is told through the contrasts that render it unique. The Spring/Summer 2021 Women’s Collection tells of a story of a union, of pieces created by artisans’ hands, with different colors, forms and fabrics joined together in a combination of patchworks: a celebration of Fatto a Mano.

Each artisan and each tailor have sewn together fabrics in a distinctive way according to shapes and colors, allowing each piece of fabric to create its own story. The Designers have also recalled their 1993 collection, inspired by the 70s – the jackets, gilet, skirts, shirts and trousers have been reinterpreted with a new proportion, fabrics and colors.

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