Paco Rabanne Pure XS For Her, a vision of femininity

A wildly provocative – and wildly untamed – floral created by Quentin Bisch, an impassioned and passionate perfumer at Givaudan. Inspired by one of his trips to Reunion Island, he came back to Paris obsessed by a heady, dazzling ylang-ylang. His goal: to bottle the essence of an orgasm, an explosion of the senses brought within reach with a distinctive Paco flair. Quentin has devised a detonating duo: magnetic ylang-ylang on an intriguing popcorn-note explosion. The notes vibrate against each other, together in tension. To trigger, in an avalanche of the senses, a moment of explosive erotica.

First: a floral embrace. Feel the heat with ylang-ylang. Radiant, with hints of jasmine. Petals unfolding into leather-hot vanilla. Audacious-deliciousness! Give in to your instincts and exude hypnotic sex-appeal. 

Next: explosive sensuality. With a daring popcorn bite, desire goes wild. Pop! Notes of salty-sweet popped corn, heated to burst. Musk and milkwood notes in multitude to ignite the skin and set the senses alight. Desire-on-fire. The formula explosion: ylang-ylang, vanilla, popcorn note, sandalwood, ambrette seeds. A sculptural glass bottle. Bold edges for a confident allure. Untamed curves. Desire-on-fire. Encircled in a serpentine embrace. Chiselled scales, rippling reflections. The jewell signature twist. On the glass, shades of pink from neon until nightfall. A bottle that loves excess. Pure, provocative beauty. Desire incarnate.

In 2018, it takes guts to be an amazonian à la Rabanne! Emily Ratajkowski is empowered and confident. (Almost) everyone knows this young American who is boldly unapologetic. Fierce and fearless, she wears her body and her red-hot beauty. With 18 million followers on instagram, Emily has become the voice of a new feminism. An actress, model and activist, Emily encourages women to wear proudly their bodies. Claiming, loud and proud, the right to wear ones body freely. “To me, ‘sexy’ is a kind of beauty, a kind of self-expression, one that is to be celebrated.”

She has it all. In excess. Disarming allure, self-assurance, incredible sex-appeal. Just a hint of nonchalance. As intoxicating as it is intriguing. Pure XS for Her captivates, accelerates and escalates the senses. Without looking at you. With its new fragrance, Paco Rabanne tells the tale of a very pure fantasy. The origin of obsession? Like her predecessor, a rich heir erotically untamed… with rock-solid self-control. Double-edged: distant yet magnetic. Direct and disarming.



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