Guerlain’s Orchidée Impériale Night Ritual for exceptional nocturnal skin regeneration and extra hours’ sleep effect on the skin. While sleep is one of the keys to a fresh and radiant complexion, lying in a static position doesn’t come without its repercussions on the skin. At night, use the L-Roller after applying the routine to tonify and prepare the skin. Then in the morning, use it to smooth the skin.

To recreate all the benefits of a “7-hours night” on the skin, Guerlain has developed the Orchidée Impériale Night Ritual, comprising the Sleeping Serum and the L-Roller massage tool. Consider it an all-new method for achieving regenerated-looking, radiant skin as soon as you wake.

This is how Guerlain created the Cell Respiration Technology which delivers superior anti-aging efficacy to the skin thanks to a powerful duo of orchids. Because cells that are able to regulate oxygen naturally have more longevity, Guerlain Research has illustrated that hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) not only has visible consequences on the skin, it also increases with age.

Think: loss of radiance, an uneven complexion and even wrinkles as hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) hits its peak after 10pm at night. Add to naturally occurring nighttime hypoxia, additional pressure from lying on the face and against the pillow, and oxygen supply is further hindered, fluids within the skin is constricted and vertical lines known as sleep wrinkles can develop.

When insufficient oxygenation hits during the night, skin cells begin to lose vital energy, leaving the skin aggravated and puffy. This rise in nighttime hypoxia increases the visible signs of aging and creates an all-new nighttime-related aging phenomena. Enriched with Night Cell Respiration technology, Guerlain’s Orchidée Impériale Sleeping Serum is designed to diffuse its ingredients directly into the skin to help relaunch cellular regeneration and combat nighttime hypoxia. By regulating cellular respiration, Night Cell Respiration technology helps cells maximize energy production, to accelerate regeneration and reduce the visible signs of aging.

Blended with soothing and firming vegetal extracts, Guerlain’s Night Cell Respiration technology creates a targeted response to skin puffiness and sleep wrinkles to visibly help densify and decongest the skin. Skin becomes smoother and firmer so that when you wake, sleep lines and face puffiness is gently visibly reduced. Boasting an all-round 360° action, the Sleeping Serum acts on the visible signs of aging for skin that is fresh and bright morning after morning.

Using a micro-emulsion formula that is unprecedented to Guerlain, the Orchidée Impériale Sleeping Serum is made up of micro-droplets, finer than the diameter of skin cells, which facilitates their assimilation. In perfect affinity with the skin, the formula is highly sensory and diffusing. As the central pillar of the Night Ritual, its toning massage action and light bead movement is performed following the lymphatic system. Leaving you with reduced face puffiness when you wake.

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