Say hello to OPA’s hot-off-the-press latest additions to its glorious Mediterranean menu and get ready to immerse in a realm of heavenly Greek food, culture and entertainment. Introducing an array of new delicacies prepared in authentic Greek style, these novel dishes display robust flavors, exotic spices and a colorful palette to stimulate the senses and keep taste buds tingling. Get ready to feast your senses, enjoy foot-tapping beats while you smash your stress (and plates) away in true Greek style. Indulge in an authentic Mediterranean four-course brunch extravaganza alongside OPA’s traditional Zorba dance and live entertainment and relive your summer island party experience!

Start off your Grecian sojourn alongside OPA’s freshly baked warm breads and indulge in their latest creamy Artichoke Dip comprised of smoked Metsovone and ricotta cheese infused with charred jalapeno; guaranteed to be a party starter. Follow this up with the some rich Baked Burrata, filled to the brim with aromatic spices of spicy tomato sauce, florin jam served alongside a mixed salad, pickled shallots and freshly grilled pita certain to make you melt.

OPA’s most recent updates also includes the Ladenia, a traditional Greek style flatbread – a must-have dish for every pizza lover. Infused with spiced aubergines, sundried tomatoes and seasoned peppers, OPA’s culinary experts have it topped off with a rich layer of labneh and sesame seeds; making it the perfect inclusion to their scrumptious range of starters. Vegetarian fans can try OPA’s new Imam Bayildi made with roasted aubergines, caramelized onions, roasted pine nuts and yogurt; certain to have you swooning at its delightful flavour.

Next up on the menu are OPA’s new mains; seafood lovers can select from the Josper Grilled Salmon construed of organic salmon immersed in a smooth and rich cauliflower purée with roasted fennel cream sauce; or indulge in the Seafood Linguine composed of zesty tiger prawns, tender calamari and fresh octopus churned in harissa butter and served with a fragrant tomato sauce.

Warm your soul with OPA’s steaming new bowl of Stifado, a hearty stew prepared with a juicy and tender 48-hour braised beef rib, Metsovone potato purée, caramalized baby onions tomato and veal jus. One bite of this is sure to send your tastebuds to your favourite Greek taverna.

End your night with OPA’s special plate-smashing Zorba dance performance and a variety of unconventional desserts or move over to their elegant bar which offers an exquisite selection of drinks that have been carefully curated to satisfy your taste buds. OPAAA!

Located at The Fairmont Hotel Dubai (with direct elevator access from the valet), OPA is an upscale-Casual Greek Concept offering traditional Greek dishes coupled with charming interiors and friendly ambiance at fairly priced options. OPA promises a multi-sensory traditional Greek experience to its patrons, from the Zorba dance to smashing dishes, to Greek inspired music and various entertainment.

The story of OPA began a while ago on a small island in Greece in a quaint, charming kitchen, where a gentleman named Kyriakos spent years perfecting his favourite Greek dishes, sharing the rich and delicious flavors with his friends and family. When his son Christos relocated to Dubai, Kyriakos eagerly came to visit. As he explored the vibrant city, he felt that Greek food was not so easy to find. It was then, that Kyriakos decided that he needed to share the rich history and flavoursome cuisine with the UAE community.

With his appetite for tender meats and zesty salads, the Zorba dance and smashing plates, Kyriakos excitedly began to build his traditional restaurant in Dubai. Before long, with all the ingredients of Greek cuisine, culture and passion, OPA was born.

Location: 1st Level, Fairmont Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre Area. Tel: +971 4 357 0557 or


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