One of the biggest launches this year for Women, Nike has introduced ‘The 1 Re-imagined’ – the latest project powered by an all-female design team that have come together to redesign two of the most iconic shoes – the Air Force 1 and the Air Jordan 1. Forming a new and diverse limited collection of styles, the new designs of the most recognized silhouettes in history will be available in Jordan stores across the UAE from 15 March.

‘The 1 Re-imagined’ collection is a result of a discrete group of 14 female Nike designers, who mixed their individual points of view with their creative talents to shake up the original design of both shoes. As testament to the power of diversity, creativity and collaboration, the latest collection features 10 unique styles, which are grouped into five pronounced personas: explorer, lover, sage, rebel and jester.

Mark your calendars now, as the 10 styles will be available for a limited time only at the Jordan store in Dubai Mall available from AED 549 to AED 729.

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