When we’re tired, sluggish, it’s raining outside or the working day has been harder than usual, we are all very good at making excuses that eventually become traps that sabotage our training. This year, however, we want 2023 to be all about fitness and wellness from start to finish.

Here’s to 365 days in our best shape ever! How? At New Year, let’s give ourselves a list of resolutions to stick on the fridge or to pin up somewhere visible in the house, with the solemn promise to tone or strengthen our muscles and burn fat or at the very least boost our metabolism or comply to fitness objectives you set for yourself.

If you’re feeling guilty, the good news is that losing your mojo is very common – you’re not alone. In January, many people join a gym or buy a package of online lessons, but then aren’t able to stick to their resolutions, giving a range of extenuating circumstances, from the legitimate to the less convincing. Among the most valid reasons, which are an indication that your body really needs to rest, are when you’re ill, you’ve hurt yourself, you’re exhausted, or you have sore muscles. Indeed, recovery is essential to getting the best results. If you’re ill, it’s essential that your body fights the germs and uses all its energy for a good recovery. If you’re simply tired and perhaps lacking focus, a stop allows you to get your strength back, otherwise your training won’t be productive, and you’ll risk injuring yourself.

As is true for most goals, it takes a lot of perseverance and determination to start or redefine one’s workout path; however, with these four tips, establishing an effective workout program for a healthy 2023 will be super easy.


Consistency and gradualness are the key to building an effective new workout habit. By training with Technogym App, you can choose your workout session from a wide variety of content designed for every fitness level. Moreover, the Technogym Coach will design a personalised workout program specific for you, based on your lifestyle, personal needs and passions.


After the first few weeks of sticking to the new training program with enthusiasm, a loss of interest may take over. The secret to avoiding it? Variety! With Technogym Bench, you can perform an endless number of exercises for total body workouts that always vary. The tools contained inside and the minimal footprint make it the perfect solution for functional training at home.


Often, as the colder months arrive, the desire to exercise outdoors diminishes. This, however, should not be a deterrent to stop moving; with the right equipment, it will be possible to maintain good fitness habits within the walls of your home. Technogym Ride, for example, is designed to simulate an outdoor cycling experience and replicate real-world routes and inclines, all available indoors.


Who said fitness and elegance can’t go hand in hand? All you need to add a touch of style to your workouts is Technogym Personal Line. Its products, created by the world-acclaimed designer Antonio Citterio, are elegantly designed not only as workout equipment, but also as true works of art to be placed in the most beautiful spaces of your home.


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