It’s at night that our instincts are awakened. And when minds ignite. Glimpsing the object of desire instils a forbidden feeling, dangerous and delightful. Excessively disturbing. Deliciously stimulating. Pure XS Night is the perfume of steamy excess in its night-time state. Spicy, oriental, a harmony of extremes, an alchemy that bursts into life on the skin.

If Pure XS was there to trick the senses – an overdose of ginger in an explosion of vanilla and myrrh – Pure XS Night is its illicit counterpart. Suggestive in its complex intensity. Distilled into an eau de parfum of purely tantalizing concentrate.

A chiselled glass bottle with clean-cut edges. The power of purity. A curved, black stopper. Bold duality. The Night version exercises its power of attraction with shades of clear to the obscure. From the pale light azure of dusk to the dark blue of night sky, the eclipse is troubling. Magnetic to excess. It’s night, Paco Rabanne-style.

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