The National Company for Learning and Education (NCLE), a market leader in educational establishment management and the national authority on high-quality education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has signed an agreement with the leading Emirati ed-tech startup, Schoolvoice. The collaboration aims to equip NCLE schools with the latest digital communication technologies and improve the learning experience for both students and teachers.

The agreement aligns with the increasing need to adapt to the rapid changes in the education industry, where Schoolvoice will provide smart solutions to facilitate communication between all parties involved in the educational process through its online platform.

Muhammad bin Khalid Al Khudair, CEO of NCLE, stated: “Agreements  that aim to improve communication within our school communities, particularly between our key partners – parents, students, and teachers – always bring me great joy and satisfaction.”

Ali Bin Yahia, CEO of Schoolvoice, expressed his excitement about partnering with the National Company for Learning and Education (NCLE) to create a strategic partnership that offers a unique and innovative experience for parents and schools. The agreement will focus on developing facilitative and innovative solutions that not only improve communication but also address any challenges that may hinder the participation and engagement of parents, students, and teachers within the school community. This collaboration aims to foster a culture of consistent communication and collaboration.

Schoolvoice, an Abu Dhabi-based education technology platform, was launched in 2018 with the goal of improving the educational process for schools everywhere. The platform serves as a communication hub for schools, allowing them to easily organize and facilitate communication within their community, as well as increase engagement among students, teachers, and parents. With its innovative approach to school communication, Schoolvoice has already been adopted by a wide range of schools in over 15 countries worldwide.

The National Company for Learning and Education (NCLE) made its debut on the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) in November 2018, as the first joint stock company in the Kingdom’s education sector. The company began its journey in 1958 with the establishment of Trbyh Namouthajiya Schools, and has since grown to include large-scale educational complexes that can accommodate over 24,000 students across all stages of education, including kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school, as well as students of the International Education Program.


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