Boucheron has always believed that jewelry is made to be worn. This concern is reflected in the Maison’s style and in the elusive sensuality to which it gives rise, in a timeless blend of emotion and freedom. Because freedom is for every age. 

To honor 160 years of creation and innovation, Boucheron has pursued a dream – to push the limits of High Jewelry by granting eternal life to the beauty and vitality of nature. This vision comes to light in the collection “Nature Triomphante”, in which cutting-edge scientific techniques combined with the ancestral expertise of our workshops usher High Jewelry into a bold new era of creativity. The “Nature Triomphante” collection is a tribute, first to the beauty of nature, whose diversity, ideal aesthetic and symbolic abundance offer endless sources of inspiration to Boucheron. Next, it is a tribute to the innovative and free spirit of the Maison, which has never ceased transcending the conventions of jewelry to craft unique pieces of stunning audacity.

With its nine unique models of flower-rings, Boucheron transforms the ephemeral into the immortal, by blending the intuition and free spirit that was held dear by the Maison’s founder and is still a vibrant part of its creative universe today. Maison Boucheron is reaffirming Nature as one of its privileged themes. In collaboration with an artist-petallist, its workshops have redrawn the boundaries of high jewelry by expanding its vocabulary to include the poetry of anemone, pansy, hydrangea and peony.

Through a closely guarded process, Boucheron has dared to make nature even more real by capturing its mutability. The fragile beauty of fresh flowers defies the passage of time, as their petals become even rarer ornaments than the extraordinary precious stones of padparadscha sapphire, spessartite garnet, indigolite tourmaline and jonquil diamond.

Selected for the brilliance and subtlety of their palette, the natural flowers are scanned one by one, capturing their volumes at the finest detail. Conjointly, the petals are stabilized without pigments or chemicals, then mounted on the titanium flower volume with immense care to protect their texture, lightness, velvety sheen and fragility. Achieving this feat has taken years of research and an extraordinary creative venture highlighting the boldness, expertise and excellence of the Maison’s craftsmen and women, by liberating the hand and mind from material contingencies.With this unique and exclusive technique of capturing living matter, Boucheron offers a modern, sensual and eternal expression of femininity, a hyperrealist portrait of nature that is organic, sophisticated and full of fantasy for liberated women.

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