Million Shades of Romance in Pattaya

Flights to Thailand, the gateway to South East Asia, will make a serious dent in your travel bucket list. Pattaya was one of Thailand’s first resort destinations, meaning there’s plenty to see and do – especially if you are willing to venture past the main strips.

‘Million Shades of Romance’ promotion focusing on Luxury and Romance products and services.

Pattaya is a popular place for both Thais and foreigners because the city has everything tourists need. Traveling there is easy as you can take your own car or ride a bus, a van, or a cab from Bangkok. The resort has its own unique cultural attractions and character that ensures visitors keep returning year after year. The food, for example, provides a little extra kick in your cuisine as dishes here are often more spicy than in the rest of Thailand. But don’t despair if heat isn’t your thing as Pattaya is built on catering to tourists from all over the globe and you will find somewhere to suit all tastes.

The Ocean Marina Yacht Club in Pattaya

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has selected Pattaya as the host city for annual ‘Thailand Travel Mart 2018 event (TTM+), positioning the event in a new light as the country’s travel sector continues to grow from strength to strength. The Ocean Marina Yacht Club was chosen as the venue given its capability to hold large events, having hosted over 6,000 visitors. This year’s event showcased luxurious and romantic travel around the Kingdom under our ‘Million Shades of Romance’ promotion.” Focusing on Luxury and Romance products and services. Thailand offers a wide array of attractions for luxurious and romantic travel. It features a rich culture and history, wonderful nature, pristine beaches, fantastic cuisine, a full range of tourism-related amenities and accommodation with experienced and innovative service personnel, and most importantly, the hospitality of the Thai people. All these factors come together to make Thailand such a great destination to personalise and fulfill a couple’s dream romance destination. Reciently Thailand had another prestigious title to add to a trophy cabinet that is already brimming with numerous international accolades and awards won over the past couple of months. The kingdom was this week named ‘Best Destination – Asia Pacific’ in the Travel Weekly Asia 2018 Readers’ Choice Awards.

Mr.Tanes Petsuwan Deputy Governor for International Marketing

Last year, Thailand welcomed a record of 35.38 million international tourist arrivals, a year-on-year increase of 8.8% that generated tourism income of 1.8 trillion Baht, up by 11.66%. For this year, during January – September, the number of international arrivals to Thailand totalled 28.5 million, up by 8.7% over the same period of last year, while the revenue increased to nearly 1.5 trillion Baht, up by 11%.

Thailand offers a wide array of attractions for luxurious travel

Having said this there are great options, where clean, spacious and functional lodging can be found, providing an ideal base for exploration of Pattaya. But what is virtually guaranteed across all property types and budgets is the traditional and world-renowned Thai hospitality – the warm welcome never comes at an extra cost. Whether it’s incredibly cheap huts, basic apartments or large mid-range hotels, the island’s hotel offering has something for everyone. The villa-based lodging options offer the wow factor, with many lining the shore or offering private pools. When it comes to natural beauty, Pattaya also delivers. You can see the incredible limestone karsts in the south – awe-inspiring rock formations that tower out of the water – or, if you’re feeling bold, you can venture into the jungle in the north for beautiful scenery and wonderful wildlife.

Cape Dara Resort

Cape Dara Resort

The Resort invites you to experience five-star luxury at a six-star location. Rising 26 storeys above a quiet residential section of North Pattaya, the resort stands amid lush natural surroundings including its own private beach. +66 38 933 888

Z Through By The Zign

Z Through By The Zign

The resort offers a unique boutique resort concept inspired by the Maldives’s overwater villa resort in which you can view the clear water below through glass flooring in your room. Located in a quiet area of North Pattaya but yet near the beach and happening area, Z Through’s guests are given the perfect tropical garden surroundings to relax and get away from their everyday routine. +66 38 225 097

Siam Bayshore

Siam Bayshore

Relaxation, rejuvenation and recreation are the words that spring to mind when visiting this perfectly picturesque Pattaya resort. Situated on the southern tip of Pattaya Bay, between Walking Street and Bali Hai Pier, the 270-room Pattaya hotel is an oasis of calm amid the hurly-burly of Pattaya. Guests can choose to hide away and unwind in the hotel grounds or venture only meters out the front door and into the city’s vibrant social scene. +66 38 428 678

Hilton Pattaya

Hilton Pattaya

Soaring 34 levels above Pattaya’s CentralFestival Pattaya Beach, southeast Asia’s largest beachfront shopping complex. The award-winning hotel offers contemporary luxury alongside instant access to beaches, shops, restaurants and attractions. +66 38 253 000

Interesting places to go

There are many things you can do in Pattaya such as water sports, sunbathing, go-karting, bungee jumping, horse riding, golf playing, diving, cabaret show watching, and many more. During the night time, all the way down Pattaya road is full of various entertainment options. Here you can always find something to eat, drink, and just somewhere to chill out.

Khao Chee Chan Buddha Mountain opens 6.00 am – 6.00 pm. Dress modestly and please follow exactly as the rules state. Plus you shouldn’t get too close to the Buddha because it may cause an accident.


If you want to visit Koh Lan, you can do it in a one day trip. On the island, there are mini buses and motorbike taxis in services. But if you are feeling adventurous, you can rent a motorbike to ride for yourself.

There are so many different kinds of places for you to stay in Pattaya such as big hotels, resorts, guest houses, condominiums, and apartments. Most of these places are right next to the beach.

Watch Thai kickboxing

You’ll find that when it comes to the national sport of Muay Thai, the noise and goings on in the stadium outside the ring are just as entertaining as what is going on inside it. Held on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, fights begin at 9pm and carry on late into the night.

Travel by elephant

Elephant trekking through the jungle sat on the animal’s back is the experience of a lifetime. The elephant is revered in Thailand and tours often include elephant football matches and bathing with the elephants in pools.

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