Michael Kors Gorgeous – the newest Campaign

Michael Kors is excited to share a new ad campaign for Michael Kors Gorgeous shot by photographer Lachlan Bailey. Starring model Rebecca Leigh Longendyke and photographed against the dazzling backdrop of an endless white sand beach, the fragrance campaign celebrates the confident Michael Kors Gorgeous woman on a jet set escape to sun, sand and sea.

Featuring lush white florals with smoky notes of tobacco and wood, Michael Kors Gorgeous is a modern, luxurious fragrance with a timeless appeal. Jet set is luxury, adventure and desire. The new Michael Kors Gorgeous campaign embodies that sensibility by transporting you to an idyllic island surrounded by crystal waters and soft ocean breezes. With your senses awakened and your mind at ease, you see the world around you for what it is: Gorgeous, as far as the eye can see…

Extend the glow of a luxurious getaway with a spritz of the dreamy white floral fragrance that makes everything more gorgeous. Michael Kors Gorgeous is a bold floral woody fragrance that envelops you in a world of beauty as far as the eye can see. Reinterpreting a classic, lush white floral bouquet in a modern way, Michael Kors Gorgeous comes to life through a captivating floral arrangement wrapped in the warmth of a smoky tobacco accord and grounded in the strength of a powerful wood finale.

It’s a combination of optimism and ease, two complementary qualities that characterize the Michael Kors woman. The faceted glass and rose gold-tone Michael Kors Gorgeous bottle is an homage to timelessness and modern architecture. Lift the contrasting black cap to reveal a hidden “Hello, Gorgeous!” message on the bottle collar for a transporting daily affirmation.

Michael Kors Gorgeous blooms with the effortless glamour of a jet set escape. It’s a blend of optimism brought forth by a bright white floral bouquet and a touch of tobacco accord, and a laid-back luxury reinforced by strong wood notes. Extravagant jasmine sambac, sophisticated tuberose, soothing ylang and orange flower notes come together in a captivating luminosity, while an unconventional tobacco accord wraps the bouquet in a provocative warmth. In the end, powerful notes of cedarwood and guaiac wood oil ground the fragrance with a comforting strength.

The faceted glass and rose gold-tone Michael Kors Gorgeous bottle is an homage to timelessness and modern architecture. Lift the contrasting black cap to reveal a hidden “Hello, Gorgeous!” message on the bottle’s collar for an empowering daily affirmation.


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