Together, Valérie Messika and Kate Moss have risen to the challenge of designing a unique collection, which reinvents creative and modern High Jewelry pieces, by combining the legendary style of a fashion icon and the diamond expertise of Valérie Messika. In London, Valérie Messika discovered the passion Kate Moss has for jewelry when she explored the secrets of her jewelry box. A passionate collector, as evidenced by her eclectic wardrobe, she combines different styles, inspirations and eras.

At the heart of a unique high jewelry collection with two strong, spirited women. Using one simple word – freedom – the fashion icon and the diamond jewelry designer have collaborated with spontaneity and sincerity. By each harnessing the other’s art, they have been able to express the different facets of their singular personalities through unbridled creativity. Together, they have created a collection of high fashion jewelry that is expressively eclectic and defiantly diverse, which pays homage to a woman who has transcended generations and styles.

A feather created with diamonds, this was Kate and Valérie’s inspiration when they were designing this set. With their delicate and fine lines, the diamonds appear infinite. A compelling and asymmetrical movement makes the brilliant-cut and emerald cuts flutter. Firmly in the realms of contemporary wear, this set includes a 3-finger ring and a modern earcuff.

Collier Plastron

This unusual necklace emanates both strength and delicacy. The lines of pointed diamonds give the impression of flying away, almost tempestuously. With its stunning asymmetry, the necklace enhances the neck and décolleté with the utmost lightness and grace.


In this easier to wear version, the creative duo have designed an ultra-feminine choker. The slightly fewer lines of diamonds harmonise in delicate movements, making them perfect for daytime and evening wear.

XXL Hoops

The lines of diamonds extend to the length of the lobe in open maxi hoops. They can be worn as a pair or asymmetrically; ultra-desirable.

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