From Calabria, where Guerlain sources honey, mandarins and neroli, to Isparta in Turkey and Kazanlak in Bulgaria, where Guerlain finds its beautiful Damask roses, Guerlain works hand in hand with its suppliers to improve each sector of production. By continually working towards improvement, Guerlain strives to achieve “Sourcing with Respect” certification across all of the House’s iconic supply chains by 2026. Harvest time represents an important moment of connection between Nature and the people who work on its most beautiful terroirs. Those who work together to create the magic of perfume.

Deep in the orchards, groves and flower fields, the air hangs heavy with the scent of fruit and flowers. In the glorious sunshine, Nature serves up the fruits of its labour, producing a harvest that reflects both the land itself and the year’s own unique weather patterns. Creating, by nature, a harvest with its very own unique vintage and character. Against this stunning backdrop, pickers perform a fascinating dance. Using techniques passed down from generation to generation, they use a succession of precise movements developed to preserve rose and neroli petals’ silkiness and keep the Marzolo mandarin peel intact. All in a vibrant display of respect for Nature and everything it provides us.

Guerlain’s perfumer-explorers travel the world’s gardens in tireless search of extraordinary raw materials. For Aqua Allegoria Harvest, these materials have been singled out from a selection of considered, ethical harvests that reflect their exceptional terroirs, the richness of the soil and the whims of the weather. For example, organic rose water from Grasse, Calabrian Marzolo mandarins — picked before ripe — and an exceptional Calabrian honey extract, sourced from Guerlain’s own beehives.

These harvests are the result of relationships that have been forged with sustainable and responsible suppliers over several generations. In order to extend its commitment to sustainability even further, Guerlain became a member of the non-profit organization UEBT (Union for Ethical BioTrade) in 2021.

Through its membership to this internationally recognized non-governmental organization which establishes ethical sourcing standards and practices, Guerlain has become dedicated to evaluating all 40 of its most emblematic ingredient supply chains. All with the goal of ensuring the most ethical and sustainable sourcing of natural materials, while respecting biodiversity and protecting the rights of workers and communities.


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