As a master of gemstones, Bvlgari is a rule-breaker, radiating Italian glamour with its vibrant colour combinations, and immediately recognisable for its unconventional approach. From jewellery to leather goods, Bvlgari designs each of its creations with the same unapologetic spirit, bold sense of aesthetics and technical expertise. Now, it brings this artistic vision to a new service called Made to Order, dedicated to its most sophisticated handbags. Infused with the essence of the Roman Jeweller and crafted from start to finish in Bvlgari’s accessories atelier in Florence, these exclusive customizable masterpieces are handcrafted just like extraordinary jewels, and also with the authentic, creative and timeless craftsmanship of Bvlgari’s artisanal approach to leather.

With self-expression as one of its core tenets, Bvlgari empowers women to be themselves in an essential, inimitable way, through an exquisitely personalized look. Guests may choose ultra-luxe exotic skins and the softest nappa leathers in countless gem-inspired colours, and combine them with jewel-like details. They may also choose to customize Bvlgari’s iconic Serpenti Forever handbag, the ultimate statement of glamour and seductive luxury.

Bvlgari recognizes these handbags as one-of-kind jewels—and, like any Bvlgari jewel, their creation begins with extraordinary materials: hand-cut crocodile skin in 24 brilliant colours and a matt or shiny finish; hand-cut alligator skin in one of 11 matt hues and 24 shiny colour options; and, lastly, a timeless classic: ultra-soft nappa leather, available in 14 different shades to customize the interior. Amethyst Purple, Blue Topaz, Raspberry Pink, Forest Green and Dazzling Blue are just a few hues in this vibrant colour palette, drawing inspiration from the most vivid gemstones, and also from natural elements and dazzling Pop references. Timeless neutrals and pastels can also be Made to Order.

For the customizable Serpenti Forever bag, a starring role is given to the snake. Faithful to Bvlgari’s DNA as a jeweller, each snake head is crafted with the ancient lost wax technique. Scales are also enamelled by hand, just as they are in the Serpenti jewellery and watch collections. Myriad colour combinations with matt and shiny finishes are possible, while a special version in full pavé diamonds delivers extraordinary brilliance for guests searching for something truly spectacular.

The snake’s eyes mesmerise in green malachite, black onyx, lapis lazuli or purple jade. Using sophisticated jewellery techniques, each gem eye is cut, polished and set within the drop-shaped setting on the snakehead. Because they are mineral gemstones, each eye is unique and strikes out with a one-of-a-kind gaze. For an added personal touch, the internal tag can be personalized with the client’s name or with a special date.

As Bvlgari constantly reinvents the rules of the creative process, the Made to Order service lets guests choose from a number of colour options, so that bags can be one, two or more shades. As with Bvlgari’s most captivating High Jewellery creations, the only limit to expression is imagination. To create the tailor-made bags, a designer from the Bvlgari atelier will begin with a hand-drawn, full-colour rendering of the bag. After four to six months, the one-of-a-kind piece will be delivered, wrapped in a customizable cotton dustbag and box. The Made to Order programme will launch at key Bvlgari boutiques around the world.

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