The new longwear lipstick Lip Power by Giorgio Armani lends a vivid intensity to lip color, captured in a formula that feels light and comfortable to wear. With a flattering satin finish, Lip Power meets every lip color expectation: the matte color users looking for more comfort, the shine lovers looking for longer wear. Lip Power embodies the fusion of Giorgio Armani’s make-up artistry and expertise, with the brand design signatures. Created with Giorgio Armani International make-up artist Linda Cantello, the Lip Power collection is composed of a rich palette developed so that there is a shade to reveal each wearer’s individuality, allowing for the ultimate in self-expression.

Meanwhile, Lip Power’s sleek packaging reinterprets the lipstick as a desirable design object, with its slim, ergonomic form and spare, elegant lines. And when the lip color is applied, Lip Power’s intuitive, drop-shaped bullet allows an effortlessly precise, flawless result. Lip Power brings a power to lip color, capturing it all – high performance, intense true color, comfort, and wear.

Longwear vivid color lipstick

Renowned for empowering through beauty and cultivating inner confidence, Giorgio Armani celebrates a charismatic, sensual femininity. Make-up – just like clothing or an accessory – creates a distinctive allure. Giorgio Armani’s vision of beauty is to reveal the best of oneself, rather than to transform. The Lip Power range offers intensely pigmented products infused with power. This is lip color on which the wearer can rely, wherever life takes them. Lip Power empowers, with the knowledge that its color intensity and coverage endure. Once applied, there is no need to give one’s lip color another thought throughout the day. Lip Power encourages the wearer to harness their own inner power of feeling good about their look. With this sense of confidence, those who wear Lip Power feel ready to take on the world.

The powerful formulation for intense colors

Lip Power represents a paradoxical combination of longwear and comfort. These two usually opposing qualities now ally thanks to two immiscible oils matched together by a patented technology. Lip Power’s satin finish oil acts as a protective film, which prevents an uncomfortable, tight sensation on the lips. Then a semi-volatile oil, which evaporates 100 times more slowly than typical lip color oils, coats the lips. As a result, Lip Power’s texture feels comfortable on the lips all day long. At the base of Lip Power’s formulation are pure pigments combined with a super dispersant, which helps reveal intense colors. The formula’s semi-volatile solvent evaporation technology means that the pigments are uniquely concentrated, so the lip color appears in its truest form. Thanks to Lip Power’s combination of oils, the color stays rich and bright, and the saturated tones maintain their vibrancy for 8 hours. In one stroke, Lip Power delivers all the qualities that the charismatic Armani enthusiast expects in a lipstick.

Power of color

The unique Lip Power formula creates highly saturated lip shades. Lip Power’s twenty-five impactful shades are ideal for those seeking a truly expressive, highly pigmented lip color experience. Lip Power’s inclusive shade range encompasses the signature tones of the sophisticated Giorgio Armani lip color spectrum. Giorgio Armani International Make-Up Artist Linda Cantello has developed these shades to appeal to and flatter the diverse looks and character of the Armani beauty muse. There are six classic red shades, while pinks range from gently flushed hues to cool, bold tones. An intense brown, hushed beiges, upbeat corals and potent plum shades complete the collection.  Regardless of the color of choice, every Lip Power exudes ambition and modernity; ideal for those wishing to express color in its truest form.  Vibrant, strong, enigmatic, brave, or bold, those who wear Lip Power are truly multifaceted.

Distinctive design, intuitive application

Presented in a slender, sculpted tube, Lip Power stands out with its striking design, making this lip color a covetable object. With the tube fashioned in a tall, elegant shape, Lip Power’s cap and base are joined by the signature silver Giorgio Armani monogram. Form meets function, too, as the tube’s refined shape allows for a confident application in a single gesture, for a flawlessly powerful lip. Lip Power’s drop-shaped bullet also aids an intuitive application, as its shape creates a precise contouring of the lips, and a mistake-proof result. To prevent the bullet from drying out the cap clicks tightly shut, ensuring both safety and cleanliness. Simple to apply, convenient to carry, Lip Power seamlessly fits into the wearer’s life. Elegance and style unite, for a beautifully bold attitude.


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