Clash [UN]LIMITED presented by Lilly Collins

More mesmerising than ever, the latest Clash de Cartier jewellery pieces rebel against classic forms. With their exaggerated volumes, intense black, oversized studs and bold wearing options, they reinvent Clash de Cartier. An expression of extreme tension, a clash of opposites: geometric lines combined with inflated volumes. These new jewellery pieces echo and amplify the clash of two opposing attitudes.

A collection of exclusive limited edition jewellery pieces that highlight the Clash de Cartier stud. Excessive, spiky and voluminous. A radical approach to precious jewellery in white and in black, occasionally punctuated with hints of purple. A stud magnetised by diamonds. Radiance is taken to new heights, the light is stunning, bouncing off the curved studs.

An oversized stud, an onyx and diamond cone of extraordinary proportions – more provocative than ever. Amethyst studs form a purple crest of intense, punk colour creating a strong, emphatic contrast. “Mitten” watches, pocket gems, two-finger rings, stacked rings, ear jewellery, clips to be worn inside or along the ear or reversible bracelets and necklaces, the Clash [Un]limited collection makes fun of style rules.

Jewellery pieces with multiple uses, like this articulated ring dotted with pyramidal diamond and onyx studs that can be opened and worn as a midi ring. A stud with four sharp sides, a pyramid paved with diamonds and onyx studs that structure the pieces. A “mitten” watch that links the art of jewellery, fashion and watchmaking. Remarkably supple and sensual to wear, this unique piece is made up of a rose gold mesh set with a constellation of diamonds surrounding a Baignoire Allongée watch hemmed with studs.

Rule breakers – both innovative and surprising, the Clash [Un]limited pieces have been the subject of many workshop hours at the Cartier design studios. The collection explores all kinds of possibilities with a novel approach to using diamonds, onyx and amethyst. A matter of creative audacity that allows Cartier to revisit the traditional tennis line. How? By reversing the diamonds. The pavilion becomes a stud, a decorative element that echoes the spirit of the collection, and the flat table surface is now on the skin side, unable to be touched.

It imposes its sensations of movement on the skin, as a counterpoint to the rigorous geometry of the jewellery. A workshop achievement that produces the ultra-flexibility of a cuff or choker with onyx clous carrés and diamond studs, all fully articulated. Everything is playful and sensorial. The necklace is made up of more than 8,000 diamonds and more than 200 onyx clous carrés. The multi-stud rings and bracelets feature pyramidshaped cones that are mobile and precisely separated one from the other. All the studs can move laterally, connected to an onyx bead found on the inside that rotates on its own axis.

Shagreen setting: a setting made up of a complex  and meticulous selection of stones in different sizes  that hold themselves together without the need for claws. The choice of stones: amethyst studs, hand-cut natural stones whose volume is altered by Cartier, crafting a play of proportions that grows increasingly wider against a backdrop of diamond paving. As a leading globally conscious brand, Cartier is committed to sustainably and responsibly sourcing its materials. A commitment that is illustrated by the responsible sourcing of diamonds from areas which are free from conflict, in compliance with the Kimberley Process and World Diamond Council regulations.

Today, 100% of Cartier diamonds are part of a sustainable collaboration with trusted suppliers who are committed to respecting best social and environmental practices, which for the most part are certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council.

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