Le coq sportif returns to boxing, alongside Tony Yoka, French symbol of the sport’s renewal. Amateur World Champion in 2015 and rst French heavyweight gold medal winner at the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016, at the age of 25, Tony Yoka has a distinctive technical style, with exceptional qualities in the Heavyweight category. The brand will be supporting him in his future ghts and in his conquest for his next titles.

Boxing isn’t just a sport; it is also an art, a “noble” art, which le coq sportif explored back in the 1970s, alongside, among others, Marcel Cerdan and Jean-Claude Bouttier. Kitted out by the French sports brand, they became part of the family and proudly sported the colours of le coq sportif in the rings. The brand still stores a few items preciously in its archives, such as the robes and shorts of these historical figures of French boxing and emblematic ambassadors of the brand.

As a French athlete, it was perfectly natural for Tony Yoka to turn to the French sports brand too, to accompany him on a daily basis, both during training sessions and at his upcoming fights.

“We are very proud to be supporting Tony Yoka in his quest to be world champion. He symbolizes this sport’s renewal. Boxing training is one of the most all-rounded, and this allows us to speed up the development of our training lines and to add youth and modernity”, explains Patrick Ouyi, Sports Marketing Director, le coq sportif.

Currently the brand is preparing an outfit for him made between France and England for his fight on 7th April 2018. It will feature the blue, white and red details so important to the brand and a nod to Tony Yoka’s journey at the last Olympic Games. His team will also be kitted out in the colours of the French sports brand.

Today, nearly 200 people work in the Aube area of France making the brand’s textile products. It is this French savoir faire and the proximity of the production sites that make the products such high quality. The raw materials are all knitted and dyed in Troyes. Part of production is assembled in Romilly- sur-Seine, where the brand originated in 1882. The majority is assembled in the Mediterranean basin, in Marrakech, Morocco.»

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