Joséphine, the iconic Chaumet collection, has been reinvented to Josephine Aigrette, playing with colour, re-enchanting pearls and giving a place to fantasies for every hour and desire. From amethyst and citrine, to peridot, aquamarine and rhodolite garnet, the tones of gemstones combine in joyous compositions with diamonds and pearls. Here everything is legend, each piece in the collection whispering the story of an exceptional woman of yesterday to today.

“The soul” of the collection. Exiled from Martinique to Europe, a prisoner of the Revolution, divorced, widowed, devoted mother, lover of the First Consul, Empress of France, divorced once more, and a respected botanist, Joséphine’s life has all the makings of a novel. “Neither completely the one, nor entirely another,” she assumed her various responsibilities with brio, faithfully remaining true to the French art de vivre that characterized her relationship with the world.

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