Here comes the latest recruit of Jean Paul Gaultier’s indecently flirtatious tripulation: Le Male Elixir. Imagine a stormy sea. A ship in distress. On board, an army of sexy-looking sailors. Among them, a tattooed silhouette takes the lead.

Captain of the salty seas, bearer of a lush-looking skin, his identity remained unknown until now. The new Male is called Raphael Diogo, a Brazilian model with a fiery gaze. Over his flamboyant chest, his intense perfume exudes sex appeal to the point of addiction. A copper-colored skin burns those who dare to touch it as the light of the setting sun sinks in.

Whether in land or sea, no one can resist his charm. Blazing with virility, he strolls in an ambered-colored sailor’s blouse letting a flaming gold torso reveal his muscular build. Gaultier could only imagine a case to his size, reinventing his iconic tin can: plated with his name, streaked with fine gold, and striped with chic amber.

Its incandescent skin releases a woody aromatic amber fragrance. A torrid intensity, coming from the freshness of a deliciously pungent Mint and a subtle Tonka bean. Its smell ignites the senses, delicately stirred by a vibrant dialogue between lavender’s sensual accents, and a sweet vanilla benzoin.

Free as the open sea, its juice awakens the skin. Nothing can escape its warm drops and its animal scent. Le Male Elixir: a potion of pleasure; an addiction for the senses.


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