Editor and book writer Irina Malkova aka Irma Berg

Irma Berg is a book writer. She became popular writer after ‘Sleeping Gods’ novel’s publication. There is a new book coming soon with title “Emirates: the culture of the possible. How the country goes from an undeveloped desert to futuristic society in the past 50 years”. No doubt that for many of us this book will become a desktop book because it gives ides and understanding of the “mechanism” or “recipe” of the magic that is happening in the UAE. This book helps to identify and join the flow of this energy of success.

The United Arab Emirates has become synonymous of luxury and beautiful life. Do you want to know what is behind this success? And how do people there live their day-to-day lives? Is it possible to make you biggest dream bring to reality in the UAE? All answers for these questions you can find in the new book written by Irma Berg. LifeReport found out, how this book was created, what ideas and observations stand behind it. We spoke with editor and journalist Irina Malkova as known as Irma Berg. Watch  the full interview on our official YouTube channel and don’t forget to subscribe.


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