President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev met with the Prime Minister of the Republic of India Narendra Modi, via videoconference. Main attention was paid to the formation of efficient transport corridors and logistics infrastructure, and the resumption of air traffic.

The summit agenda included issues of further deepening the political dialogue, enhancing bilateral cooperation in trade, economic, investment, financial, technical, education, cultural, humanitarian and other spheres. Views were also exchanged on the situation in the world and prospects for regional cooperation.

Issues of promoting promising investment projects, including those involving advanced technologies, technical assistance and preferential financing of leading Indian organizations, were also discussed. The priority areas are agriculture, innovation, alternative energy, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, information and communication technologies and space research.

It was proposed to create modern medical centers in the regions of Uzbekistan with the introduction of Ayurveda traditional Indian system and telemedicine. The Indian side will support the activities of National Yoga Federation in Uzbekistan.

Current issues of countering modern challenges and threats to security and stability were also discussed at the meeting. The importance of continuing close coordination and exchanging information was noted. Mutual support was expressed for international efforts for an early peaceful settlement in Afghanistan.

Also following the summit, the parties adopted a Joint Statement on close friendship and strong partnership between Uzbekistan and India, as well as a number of bilateral documents in the field of economy, innovation, financial and technical assistance, customs and technical regulation of trade, training and joint scientific research. Noted a benchmark should be set to achieve a trade turnover of US$ 1 billion in the coming years.

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