Renowned for creating ethereal environments and multi sensory experiences that conjure the divine purity of the natural world, Ambika’s modern contemporary designs are in resonance with the flora, fauna and the elements. Artist, founder and creative director of Impeccable Imagination Ambika Hinduja Macker promotes excellence and mindfulness in art and design.

A resident of Dubai she is “continuously inspired by the exquisite quality and inventiveness showcased in this dynamic city. Guided by the philosophy of ‘Discovering beauty in simplicity’, Ambika, who was bestowed the AD100 2019 Excellence Award ‘House of the Year’, сurated and produced ‘The Sublime Nature of Being’ exhibition (January 23rd to February 27th 2022) in collaboration with ICD Brookfield Place, DIFC Dubai.

Tell us about your first exhibition in Dubai at ICD Brookfield Place?

I am continuously inspired by the exquisite quality and inventiveness showcased in this dynamic city I now call home, and very excited to launch my first art exhibition The Sublime Nature of Being on a prestigious public platform at ICD Brookfielfd Place. I look forward to inviting the audience on an immersive, multi-sensory journey and transporting them into a utopian sanctuary of tranquility and beauty.

What should we know about Ambika Hinduja and your art?

I am the founder and creative director of Impeccable Imagination, a cross-disciplinary art and design firm based in Dubai and Mumbai. We cater to an exclusive international clientele via private and commercial commissions, and are known for creating ethereal, contemporary environments and multi-sensory experiences that conjure the divine purity of the natural world. I’d say that ‘Discovering beauty in simplicity’ is a guiding philosophy of my work which features modern designs in resonance with the flora, fauna and the elements. I am fascinated with the alchemic exchange that occurs in a space when artwork, lighting and design are curated together harmoniously – it’s like a dance between earthly materials, textures and tones that generates spaces which are very luxurious, airy and calm all at once.

In addition to curating and producing The Sublime Nature of Being’ (January 23, 2022), I will be showing one of my own sculptures. Upcoming projects include multi-sensory design and gastronomy spaces and a light art installation that explores the interplay between a common, everyday object and the spiritual attributes of light.

What inspires you?

Contemplating why nature evokes such a universal human experience of awe and reverence, and how that might translate into spaces that can be transportive, reflective, and explore our relationship to the surrounding environment.

What are the core values and drivers that you bring to your art? What do you care about?

Creating luxurious artworks and spaces that inspire a sense of equanimity, of feeling in tune with nature. Allowing the piece or the environment to weave a gentle narrative, tell a story and conjure emotions.

How art and galleries have been transformed in the digital world and what future do you see in this market?

Advancements in technology have launched powerful tools to create, promote, market, sell and purchase art digitally, needless to say. I personally find that the somatic experience of physically being in a real-world space is irreplaceable, a space where all of our senses are interacting with the environment.

Music, films and works of art are increasingly made using AI. Do you believe that Artificial Intelligence can replace human’s creativity?

Can an AI program be moved to tears by watching an unfurling sunset? Can AI be so affected by what it senses, so impassioned, that it may authentically express the complexity of thoughts and feelings triggered by an experience?  There is mystery and magic in making things by hand, in the process of discovery  – happy accidents, beauty in imperfection, and an entire cosmos of incomparable creativity and human emotions.

Are you an art collector as well? What art do you like?

I collect art that I’m attracted to, nature inspired art that can make my space feel like an inviting sanctuary of calm. All the artists I have collected are immensely talented and their unique works awakened a desire to represent and support their genius.

As part of my mission to promote excellence and mindfulness in art and design, my firm Impeccable Imagination represents an international roster of esteemed conceptual and visual artists, many of whom will feature in the upcoming show. I love the people they are, love the art they create, the energy they bring to anything they do, and the sense of community we are building together.


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