The city’s vibrant art scene is set to be elevated with a captivating boost as Hyde Hotel Dubai partners with acclaimed contemporary artist, Azaide, to unveil a dynamic pop-up exhibition from March 1st until 31st March. Known for its bold, expressive style, and visionary approach to contemporary art, the hotel welcomes the collaboration, anticipating an extraordinary synergy of luxe hospitality and artistic expression through the ‘Modern Mosaics: Echoes of Heritage’ showcase at the hotel.

The pop-up exhibition will be open to both hotel guests and the general public from 1st March until 31st March, providing an opportunity for art enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike to engage with Azaide’s extraordinary body of work throughout the month of March.

Pop-Up Exhibition

This latest collaboration with Azaide marks a significant milestone in the hotel’s ongoing commitment to enriching the guest experience through art. With French, Algerian, and Spanish heritage, the artist has significantly impacted the contemporary art world with her unique blend of styles and techniques. The Modern Mosaics: Echoes of Heritage exhibition at the hotel emphasizes the patchwork-like nature of cultural heritage, where each piece, from its patterns to colours, expresses a grander story of human expression. The artworks that will be showcased will feature a blend of traditional and contemporary elements that Azaide is known for, presenting a tapestry of cultural and historical influences reimagined for a modern audience.

Nestled within the heart of the city’s bustling downtown, Hyde Hotel Dubai is celebrated for its dedication to providing guests with immersive experiences that transcend conventional hospitality norms. With a belief that anything can happen especially in the power of art to inspire, provoke thought, and evoke emotion, the hotel serves as a haven for creativity, consistently showcasing works from both established and emerging artists. With this special collaboration, guests can anticipate an immersive journey through visual arts for the whole month of March.

  • What: Azaide Pop-up Exhibition
  • Where: Hyde Hotel Dubai
  • When: 1st March until 31st March 
  • Price: Free admission

Sip and Stitch

In addition to the alluring exhibition open for the public, guests will also have the exclusive opportunity to participate in a special sip and stitch session with Azaide for two exclusive days in March for AED 200 per person. This fusion of creativity and relaxation will allow guests to unwind and explore their artistic talents while enjoying a special afternoon tea, sipping on refreshing beverages, and engaging in the art of stitching under the expert guidance of Azaide herself. For more details and bookings please contact Azaide via Instagram.

  • What: Sip and Stitch Session
  • Where: Hyde Dubai Hotel
  • When: March
  • Price: AED 200 per person

Hyde Hotel Dubai, based in Business Bay, is a collaboration with owner, Emerald Palace Group and is part of Ennismore, a creative hospitality company rooted in culture and community, with a global portfolio of entrepreneurial and founder-built brands with purpose at their heart. Ennismore is a joint venture with Accor, formed in 2021.

The stylish, understated hotel provides a sanctuary for those in-the-know, offering a new-kind of bespoke hospitality dialing into guest’s needs, interests, and aspirations. A hideaway in the heart of the city, Hyde Dubai celebrates true discovery and authentic human connection, aiming to create iconic, personal, and captivating moments. Each of the hotel’s 277 rooms and suites have been expertly designed to reflect the hotel’s stylish take on a city sanctuary with inspiration from art and design from around the world. True to the Ennismore portfolio, Hyde Hotel Dubai offers a variety of unique culinary concepts, cementing the hotel’s belief that food is how you experience a destination, this includes Katsuya, Hudson Tavern, Cleo and The Perq.

Hyde Dubai is the Middle East’s premiere art and nightlife-led hotel, and the first of its kind by Ennismore. Located in the heart of Dubai, Hyde Dubai offers a unique blend of luxury, culture, and entertainment, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking unforgettable experiences.


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