A city with the fabulous name Rogaska Slatina, located in Slovenia, both Italian picturesque and German carefully nurtured – makes everyone fall in love at first sight. These venues cannot be put in words: once having arrived here, you’ll find yourself in a completely different dimension, where the medieval architecture and the ancient spirit of royal grandeur intertwine with the unspoiled nature and the cleanest air.

Thanks to the mild climate, medical facilities and unique magnesium rich healing water, Rogaska Slatina has been keeping and improving the status of one of the most fabulous European resorts. According to the legend, It is here the location of the world-famous magic mineral water spring to have originated from the impact of the hoof of the winged Pegasus. Today, this water is known worldwide under the name of Donat Mg and is widely used for sanitation of the organism.

The pearl of Rogaska Slatina is an elegant five-star Aleksander Medical & SPA hotel, combining the royal standards of hotel service and unique opportunities to maintain youth, beauty and health. Being located on the territory of the hotel, the up-to-date equipped medical center employs the leading international experts. Aleksander Medical & SPA offers its guests a “menu” of personalized effective techniques-based programs, high quality of performance and impressive professionalism.

The Detox Program, which includes selective procedures in combination with metabolic therapy in a matter of days, helps to cleanse the body of residuals and toxins, feel a surge of energy and strength; the dream becomes stronger and healthier, and the appearance – younger and more blooming. One of the core competences of Aleksander Medical & SPA is the Anti-Age Program, intended to rejuvenate the body and developed for both women and men: finding youth and beauty in conjunction with SPA procedures, outdoor recreation and drinking Donat Mg water is becoming possible in the shortest possible time.

The unique Pregnant – Magnesium Program is designed specifically for expectant mothers. Due to the close location of healing spring, as well as a special set of procedures by the specialists of the medical center, Aleksander Medical & SPA has been an ideal place for women at any time of pregnancy. The hotel’s medical center focuses on the prevention and rehabilitation of guests with complications caused by type-2 diabetes and prediabetes. The guests will benefit from a special Diabetis – Magnesium Program.

From time immemorial, Rogaska-Slatina has been a favorite place for monarchs and celebrities from all over Europe. Today, the Aleksander Medical & SPA hotel has been hosted by stars, business leaders and politicians.

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