Hassan Ghoneim and Tumi’s premium collection

This Spring, Tumi brings its elevated design, luxurious materials and refined functionality to the forefront with premium bag and travel collections. From the ultra-modern relaunched Arrivé to the sporty Ashton and cutting-edge 19 Degree Aluminum, explore the world of Tumi luxury through its latest campaign with popular Saudi Arabian influencer Dr. Hassan Ghoneim.

A dentist by trade, Dr. Hassan is a passionate traveler and part-time influencer known throughout Saudi Arabia and the Middle East for his impeccable style. With over 1.3 million followers on Instagram (@hassanghoneim) and an impressive Snapchat base, Dr. Hassan was named to Esquire Middle East’s first-ever Influencers Of The Gulf issue in 2018. Travel has been and continues to be a central part of Dr. Hassan’s life – reflecting his shared love of travel and family, Tumi‘s new campaign documents Dr. Hassan’s memorable journey traveling alongside his brother to Punta del Este, Uruguay. Outfitted with the brand’s newly relaunched Arrivé collection and Tumi‘s Spring 2019 styles; Dr. Hassan reflects on his journey to becoming a public figure and the impact travel has had on his life.

“Tumi has always been my favorite brand for bags and travel cases. As long as I can remember I was a Tumi customer – even before the brand had stores in Saudi Arabia, I’d seek their products abroad. Any trip that starts with packing my Tumi bag, good food and a nice beach is great, but what makes a perfect journey is the culture – exploring new places and meeting people makes you a better person,” says Dr. Hassan Ghoneim.

“As a brand, we are continuously inspired by our customers and the journeys they take in all facets of their lives. Hassan has a deep-rooted passion for travel and has been a Tumi loyalist for years. When we’re able to connect with individuals that understand the deeper meaning of what Tumi is setting out to do; it makes working together feel very natural,” says Victor Sanz, Creative Director of Tumi.

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