Has a receding hairline been giving you sleepless nights? Let’s face it: No one desires a premature baldness. What’s the solution? Yes, you could go for a hair transplant, but many are wary about these surgeries, especially with so many myths around transplants. We spoke to Sanjay Dua, Hairplasis Clinic Manager. consultant and hair restoration specialist, and asked a few questions to help you decide whether or not to go for a hair transplant procedure; and if you are going for one, how you should go about it.

Hairplasis is an aesthetics center located in Dubai that specializes in hair restoration procedures and other hair loss treatments. At Hairplasis, all the specialists are driven to provide complete hair care to their clients through innovative procedures that are in line with the international standards in hair restoration. ‘Plasis’ comes from a Greek word which can be translated as “creation” or “formation”, reflecting its vision to create the look we always desired by restoring our hair.

Hair transplant has become so popular lately. It also looks like an easy operating procedure. Is it so?

Technically yes, however aesthetically it needs a lot of attention and small details when it comes to achieving naturally looking results which is extremely important. That’s why involvement of a plastic surgeon is literally necessary. That’s why at Hairplasis we have top European Plastic surgeons on board.

What is the main way to choose the right clinic?

A clinic which has a plastic surgeon as a leader with international accreditation along with the clinic reputation and genuine and serious post procedure services are some of the most important criteria in choosing the clinic for your hair restoration procedure.

Tell us about Hairplasis and how did you start this business?

I have been into a hair restoration business for last 13 years and opened several clinics in India and Dubai. My passion to run this business kept soaring every passing day in last 13 years. Since I wanted to make a real difference for people by making their hair loss reversed and with that thought I decided to launch HAIRPLASIS. We brought unique concept of ARTIFICAL INTELLIGENCE in strategic planning of each individual procedure. HAIRPLASIS offers very personalized services to the people having issues with their hair. Idea behind opening HAIRPLASIS was to introduce a boutique hair loss clinic with latest technologies, personalized services and genuine value for money which were missing in this industry so far.

What makes Hairplasis different from other clinics in Dubai? 

Our personalized approach, exemplary services, involvement of plastic surgeons, AI assessment to design personalized treatment plan, post procedure service, including hair grooming and styling by the best hair stylists to carry your hair in the best manner possible are few differences to mention.

There are countries like Turkey and India known as affordable hair transplant destinations. Why should patients choose Dubai?

The whole world has seen how UAE conquered the COVID situation during the pandemic and how safe the country is. With Dubai having absolute latest technology, best environment for medical and aesthetic needs of people, it is the hub of medical tourism. With the clinic like Hairplasis, it’s the value for money. So, there is no more a need for people to look for cheaper options like Turkey or India and they undergo hair transplants in Dubai now and have a complete peace of mind.

Tell us about your AI-engineered system 

Our AI engineered system is a fantastic tool to understand 11 different and very important parameters of person’s hair loss condition and help us to strategize the right treatment plan which would be effective for each individual. I would say AI is the future not just for the other fields in the world but also for the hair restoration industry. We are very proud to be pioneers in bringing this system to the UAE

How does hair transplant surgery work? 

A typical hair transplant surgery is actually a day care procedure. On an average one hair transplant procedure is 40-50-man hours of work which is divided in 3 to 4 skilled professionals with the doctor (in our case plastic surgeon) who leads the team. There are four steps of the procedure:

  1. Extraction of hair follicles from the donor area
  2. Segregation of the hair follicles
  3. Preparation of the recipient area
  4. Implanting the follicles on the recipient area.

How long will it take to see the results of my transplant?

After the hair follicles are removed from the donor area and implanted on the recipient areas, they by default go into the resting phase which lasts for nearly 3-4 months before the newly implanted areas start showing the initial signs of the growth. From month 6 onwards you start appreciating the results and from month 8 onwards you start enjoying your new look. Hair parameters keep improving up to 12 months post procedure though.

Is hair transplant a seasonal surgery or can I have the surgery during any month or season?

The best part of hair transplant procedure is that it can be done in any month of the year as there is no physical downtime.

Hairplasis has its Hair Regrowth Program which combines post procedure care.

One of the most important services that Hairplasis provides is the Hair re-growth program not just post procedure but even otherwise to make sure that people do not continue losing hair and see improved hair condition with such treatments. We involve latest technologies in terms of the treatment offer. The best part of our treatments is that they are not injections and we respect our clients comfort zone by only using topical solutions with the help of derma-pen which is not painful.

Do you charge by the procedure, by the follicular unit, or by the follicle?

Hairplasis has a very fair pricing policy and we charge by procedure and not by follicular units or follicle which is quiet a complex way of charging.

Do you offer payment plans?

We have tie-ups with “BUY NOT PAY LATER” platforms where we do offer installment plans to our esteemed clients.

Highness Clinics, Ibn Zuhr Bldg #53, Dubai, Healthcare City, Dubai, UAE. Call/Whatsapp: +971-56-754-7913 Landline +971-44-432162 Email : contact@hairplasis.ae

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