The ultimate beauty lift crafted from nature’s wonders

At Guerlain beauty is a passion, a permanent pursuit fuelled by day after day of research and observation. For over 15 years, Orchidée Impériale has illustrated this high level of commitment with exceptional skincare at the pinnacle of luxury and efficiency. Behind it all is the Orchid, a rare flower that cheats time. A unique flower blessed with remarkable cellular longevity. The secret behind its extraordinary lifespan?

A range of unprecedented and impressive cellular regeneration and energy production mechanisms which have been discovered and harnessed for women’s skin by Guerlain Research, an ally in fostering youth and beauty for years. Combining technology and nature with alchemy, Guerlain’s Micro-Lift Concentrate brings together next-generation microencapsulation with the miraculous powers of longevity found in orchids. Its highly natural serum formula complete with 7,000 micro-sculptors works on the skin like multiple microlifts, leaving it with a visibly lifted effect and enveloping it in everlasting comfort.

Within this luxurious new gem-like package, the Micro-Lift Concentrate takes full benefit of the very latest generation of micro-encapsulation technology, a process which makes for a sensory signature that combines effectiveness and naturalness. With a superb formula made up of 92% naturallyderived ingredients that fuse perfectly with the skin, this serum triggers a lifting effect. The Micro-Lift Concentrate is charged with high concentrations of Cell RespirationTM technology in twice the quantity found in in other serums in Orchidée Impériale line. This technology helps boost the mechanisms which adapt to hypoxia and cellular ageing by supplying them with the optimal resources for reviving vitality and resilience, the key to firm skin.

A new-generation micro-encapsulated formula

Guerlain’s research has created understanding into how natural skin-tightening powers can be reprogrammed to achieve a lifted effect. This work has allowed us to create a formula with exceptional lifting power.

Lasting re-sculpting action

In vitro tests on ingredients have shown that the oil present in micro-sculptors allows support fibres to re-anchor to different cutaneous layers, strengthening the skin. As a result, collagen production is increased, tissues become thicker and are left with a better structure which helps maintain stronger, firmer skin. Placing fibres under multi-dimensional tension ensures a lasting, lifted effect within the skin.

An immediate, powerful tightening effect

Enriched with a lifting complex which forms a network of natural sugars, Micro-Lift’s supple and finely imperceptible texture fuses perfectly with the skin. This invisible, super-comfortable lifting mesh, softly envelops the skin and hugs the contours of the face. All creating an immediately visible, lifted result. With complete comfort and without any tugging or drying sensation, skin seems tightened and smoothed while pores seem refined.

Two years of optimization research has given this new Micro-Lift serum formula its unprecedented and much-prized natural finish and texture. This is one absolute Guerlain luxury exclusive. Next-generation high-tech micro-encapsulation allows two phases to exist side by side – one watery and the other oily. Together, as if by magic, they reveal thousands of bright, sparkling oily micro-capsules. These precious micro-sculptors are made one by one at a microscopic level with great delicateness.

Thanks to its whisper-light evanescent texture, skin is treated to an exquisite experience. This starts with the deliciously fresh feeling created by the serum’s hydrophile phase and is then followed by the soft, rich and comfortable sensation provided by precious miniature oil droplets as they subtly melt into the skin. A pure sensory marvel.

A new face-lifting massage

To celebrate the creation of the Micro-Lift Concentrate, Guerlain wanted to pair its unique serum with a fabulous new sensory experience. Created by the Experts at Spa Guerlain, this precise and exclusive face-lifting massage technique helps smooth fine lines while improving elasticity and promoting skin suppleness.

For the first time, special instrumental testing at Guerlain can show lift movement and direction as well as the way in which skin is tightened. This approach precisely quantifies and evaluates both the area of movement and the direction, as skin is pulled upwards and backwards.

The Orchidée Impériale trilogy

To benefit from all that the science of longevity has to offer, pair the Micro-Lift Concentrate with the Orchidée Impériale Cream and Eye and Lip Contour Cream to create a perfectly exceptional ritual. Together, these three treatments work to create one Orchidée Impériale anti-ageing result, while their luxurious texture leaves skin with a unique sensation of complete comfort.

Guerlain’s exceptional Research Centre dedicated to orchids explores this fascinating flower’s extraordinary powers and the secrets behind its longevity, adapting them for women’s skin. 15 years of research by Guerlain Experts have already lead to the publication of seven patents, three thesis and over 60 scientific publications. Overseen by Frédéric Bonté, the Orchidarium® is made up of three hubs which explore, study and preserve orchids.

Under the aegis of ethno-botanist François Gérard, the Experimental Garden in Geneva, Switzerland greenhouses a collection of over 3,000 species together in order to determine those of most cellular longevity interest. The Specialist Research Laboratory in Strasbourg, France identifies, subdivides and analyses the most influential and effective phyto-chemical molecules from selective species. The Tianzi Exploratory Reserve in China led by Minguo Li‑Margraf preserves orchid biodiversity. Over a period of 10 years Guerlain has replanted close to 10,000 orchids as part of a vast reforestation programme.

For 15 years, Guerlain Research has pushed the boundaries of cellular longevity in the Guerlain Orchidarium by focusing on the exceptional power of orchids. Guerlain Experts have made a fundamental discovery in the field of cellular respiration: oxygen deficiency, a phenomenon known as hypoxia alters energy production mechanisms and generates a surplus of free radicals which in turn creates a loss in the energy vital to cells. The uncovering of this relationship between hypoxia and skin ageing can explain the emergence and escalation in signs of ageing.

By combining the special powers found within a duo of orchids – of which the Gastrodia Elata species is found to reactivate the natural HIF-1 (Hypoxia Inducible Factor) regulator of cellular respiration – Guerlain’s Cell Respiration combats cell hypoxia from within, preventing fibre deterioration and supporting the dermis. By ensuring better cellular oxygenation, Cell Respiration therefore prevents the emergence of visible signs of ageing such as a loss of firmness, density and glow, as well as increased skin sagging and wrinkles.

As a pioneer in traceability, the Guerlain House has been committed to the long and vigorous process of mapping its creations’ lifecycles for several years. The Bee Respect platform is a traceability tool which offers an experience in step with consumers’ ever-increasing curiosity and interest. All while ensuring the traceability of each product via a unique identification code with precision, accuracy and validity. Created by Guerlain and developed in partnership with the company Product DNA, an expert and leader in the field of product traceability, this platform meets standards currently enforced in Europe. This tool allows every link in our products’ production chain to be traced: from ingredients and transportation, to distribution to points of sale and end-of-use recycling.

Today, the Bee Respect Platform is fully accessible via Guerlain. com and is available in both English and French to offer transparency and traceability on our skincare lines (including Orchidée Impériale Bright), makeup and our most iconic fragrances. Guerlain is committed to naturalness and wherever possible aims to use over 90% naturally derived ingredients without compromising on safety and sensory effect. 100% of our new creations (outside of limited-editions) will be traceable between now and 2022. As of 2020, over 500 ingredients can be traced via the Bee Respect platform. In 2020, over 100 products can be viewed on the Bee Respect platform, while 40 suppliers and partners are highlighted.

At the same time as our Guerlain experts were making a fundamental discovery with Cellular Respiration, the 2019 Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to three researchers: William Kaelin, Gregg Semenza and Peter Ratcliffe for their work on the adaptation of the organism and cells to oxygen supply. They identified the molecular mechanism which spurs adaptation to hypoxia. Gregg Semenza received the Nobel Prize for Physiology for his discoveries into the mechanism which allows cells to detect hypoxia as well as how cells adapt to varying oxygen quantities. Gregg Semenza highlighted the presence of the HIF-1 factor as triggered by oxygen deficiency and demonstrated how this active protein activates and disactivates genes in cells with diminished oxygen levels.


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